The Best Tech Stack For Modern Biotech

Unleash biotech potential with Scispot - the ultimate TechBio toolkit powered by cutting-edge tech.

Our tools make biotech R&D “templatizable” and programmable, so you can automate lab management, combine all your data, and make your workflows repeatable and your company scalable.

Connect your research
& commercial data.

Automate your workflow
with a no-code toolkit.

Track your research
progress in real-time.

Communicate and collaborate with
your team, partners, and customers.

Connect your research
& commercial data.

Scispot is the best tech stack for modern biotech
All in one spot
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What best describes you or your lab?

Protect your research and make it FDA-compliant and audit-ready

Scispot’s secure workflow automation platform offers strict data security and governance. We encrypt your data using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm, back up data daily, maintain version and audit history, and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Ditch your rigid spreadsheets, LIMS, and ELN

Scispot is a fully customizable lab data and workflow management toolkit built for modern biostartups and scaleups. We are the first ELN and LIMS alternative that companies can configure using Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI).

Build your personalized lab software

Use GUI and CLI to design databases, protocols, and workflows that work for you. Centralize your company-wide data and leverage machine learning to turn your startup into a massively scalable TechBio company.

Manage all your R&D data in one spot.

Connect Scispot with your legacy system, favorite apps, and instruments to integrate different files and data formats into your Scispot templates, databases (aka Labsheets), and Notebook (aka Labspaces). Visit our App Store to learn more.

Make your R&D programmable and repeatable

Create a library of templates for protocols, sheets, multi-well plates, databases, sequences, and more, with full version history, so you can drag and drop these template blocks to design your experiments with lightning speed.

Automate your lab resources and data management

Link your inventory management to experiment execution, set reordering thresholds, and automate reorders from Quartzy. Create automated reminders for equipment maintenance, sample expiration dates, and experiment deadlines.

Why Choose Scispot? 

Because Scispot is built specifically for biotech startups, scaleups and enterprise

Most electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and lab information management systems (LIMS) were designed for Big Pharma with UX and UI from the 1990s. They are not made to support the evolving needs of rapidly growing modern biotech companies. They also come with big pharma price tags.

Scispot team members have worked at many growing modern lifescience companies. We know, firsthand, that modern biotechs are not the same as big pharma companies. You have different needs. You are agile, responding quickly to data, and aiming to grow exponentially. You need digital tools that are fast to implement, easy to use, and grow with you. We could not find these tools on the market so we built Scispot.

Choose Scispot to bring your modern biotech company to the next level
"Scispot allows us to scale our operations rapidly to serve more researchers and developers of novel therapies to improve patient care." Daniel Meyer, CEO of CellChorus.

Because we are here for you.

We know you are growing quickly. We know your resources are tight. So our customer service is exceptional. If you need a new feature or want us to prioritize something for you, rest assured you will get a response you have never received from any other software provider. 

With Scispot, we have built a bespoke proteomics sample manager. Using it to design experiment templates, workflows, and store all of our result data has been a game-changer." Lindsay Pino, co-founder, Talus Bio.

Why Techbio Companies Love Scispot

"Scispot is very easy to integrate into our current system. It provided us with some ready-to-use workflows for automatically recording inventory, executing media recipes, and tracking a lot of the things that we do here. This raises our quality of work to a whole new level."

Satshabad Khalsa
Engineering Manager, Culture Biosciences

"I’ve started relying on Scispot for my daily research planning and execution. Using it to design my experiment templates and store all of my result data has been a game-changer."

Gricelda Mendiola
Scientist, Micro Meat
Culture Biosciences is a modern biotech that vouches for Scispot's tech stack

"Scispot expands our digital footprint and helps us scale faster. It consolidates our company-wide operations and enhances the quality and efficiency of our science.”

John Butler
Founder & CEO, QuantumCyte


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