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✓ Experiment & Process
✓ Top-notch Inventory Management
✓ Automated Workflows
✓ Enhanced Data Visualization
✓ Hundred of Integrations
✓ Structured API
✓ Easy Lab Data Integration
✓ Robust Data Lakehouse

Scispot's Popular Use Cases

Inventory Automation
Cultivated Meat
Data Extraction
Compound Design
Next Gen Sequencing
High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Lab Animal Management
Proteomic Analysis
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Reviews & Testimonials

Collected by G2

"I really like that Scispot is easy to configure to what we need, and you don't need to be a programmer to do it. We can change how it looks and how it works to make it fit our lab and workflows. It's configured just for us, and that's why it stands out."

Biotech CTO

Collected by G2

"I can customize my account according to my use case. Additionally, Scispot offers very flexible pricing to serve both academic labs and industry. The best part is that I can collaborate with my teammates in a structured way"

R&D Director

Collected by G2

"Ordinary LIMS often fall short when it comes to providing a scalable data lake, but Scispot filled this gap efficiently. Labsheets enabled me to store and transform vast quantities of data, a crucial aspect in our data-heavy field."

Application Architect

Collected by G2

"One spot for LIMS, Inventory management system, product tracking, SOP compliance and secure data sharing between clients and partners. A single tool to manage both internal and external stakeholders and processes."

Research Analyst

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