Scispot for Lab Inventory Automation

Revolutionize Your Lab Workflows with Scispot's Advanced Lab Inventory Automation Features

At Scispot, we are constantly striving to bring the latest advancements to the scientific community. Our new automated inventory tracking feature is designed to simplify your lab workflows by linking your inventory with your protocols, allowing you to check out quantities after completion of your steps. Additionally with our Quartzy integration, you can automatically order more supplies when you need them, without worrying about running out of critical materials. 

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Connect your Lab Inventory to your ELN

  • Researchers can create databases for their inventory using Labsheets, which also supports creating alerts for threshold quantity and expiration dates.
  • Digital ELN containing a particular wet lab technique can be easily connected to the lab inventory database, and researchers can specifically integrate the inventory requirement in their ELN page.
  • Email and in-app notifications will be triggered according to the rules customized by the researcher, allowing complete lab inventory tracking.

Automate and track your lab inventory with every experiment

  • After completion of you protocol steps, you can either manually or automatically trigger Inventory Automation.
  • It will ask you about your consumables and your used quantities for that particular workflow.
  • Automatic deduction of those particular inventory inside your inventory database Labsheet will help you to automate the real time updates of your consumables.

Connect your Inventory with Quartzy

  • The Lab Manager adds an inventory item in Quartzy, that gets synced to Scispot’s Material Manager.
  • When this quantity goes below threshold after several usage, it gets automatically added to Quartzy.
  • When an item is fulfilled from Quartzy, it’s then updated with the new quantity of the item, and Scispot notifies the users.

With Scispot, you can

  • Design and visualize chemical structures using our chemistry visualization software, ChemBoard™
  • Visualize chemical compounds using SMILES, MOL, and Inchi
  • Easily check the chirality AND/OR centers
  • Register your molecule along with all metadata in our advanced LIMS.
  • Track your compounds and chemistry data throughout the experimental workflow in our advanced digital ELN, with systematic assay data management. Maintain a full audit trail and versioning for each compound.
  • Set up bulk registration of molecules in our advanced LIMS- Labsheets, through API, CSV, and Google Sheets.
  • Use barcode scanning for easy chemical tracking using our online lab notebook and platform
  • Create flags for any deviations
  • Real-time quality check and data validation through alerts, flags, and a detailed audit trail

With Scispot, you can

Automate inventory tracking and alerts for your threshold quantity

Check out consumables from ELN

Automate reordering of lab inventory

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