Streamline Your Biotech Research with Scispot: Your End-to-End Cell Line Study Solution

Are you looking to revolutionize therapeutic innovation with CAR T cells? Or perhaps designing strains for fermentation, or preparing mammalian cell lines for ADME profiling? 

From planning to execution, collaboration to compliance tracking, Scispot streamlines your workflow, making your biotech research more efficient and effective. Let us support your research journey with our user-friendly platform designed for scientists, by scientists.
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Manage your storefront inventory

Keep your inventory organized by integrating your data from your storefront to manage your stock. Ensure that your records are always up to date by automating purchased items to be removed from your inventory.

Use our templates and register your cell line details to create your own library

Integrate your bulk data using CSV or Google sheets

Design your strain using Sequence Designer

Connect your vector library with a cell line library or primers

How can Scispot help?

We provide advanced LIMS:
  • Record all relevant metadata for cell based studies.
  • Filter and sort your data according to your convenience and create customized views for large data sets.
  • Flag your outliers or significant. 
  • Track the audit trail for each entries inside your database.
We provide advanced ELN:
  • Templatize your daily cell assay routine.
  • Automate your inventory consumption for each protocol with real time updates inside your Material inventory.
  • Embed sequence designer to design your strain or your primers.
  • Trigger validation workflow inside your ELN while enabling electronic signature.
And more:
  • Set up your virtual location manager to organize and track your cell lines properly.
  • Manage and track your varied requests for cell line development in an organized way through Request Manager.
  • Collaborate with team members easily.
  • Visualize your strain engineering data using different charts and graphs.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cell Line Studies with Scispot. Sign up now and experience a seamless end-to-end solution for your cell based research.

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