Future-Proof Your Biotech R&D: Labsheets™ Leaves Outdated Cloud-Based LIMS in the Dust

Automate your resources and design applications with our advanced, no-code lab management software
Exceed advanced cloud based LIMS with Scispot Labsheets' advanced tools for R&D

Looking for Advanced Lab Management Software?

Introducing Labsheets™, the premium alternative to outdated cloud-based LIMS designed specifically for modern biotechs. With Labsheets™, you can effortlessly create, structure, streamline, and curate all your diverse data in one centralized location. From inventory data management to sample management, genomic assays to CROs, and clinical data to flow cytometry data, Labsheets™ has got you covered.

Create your Labsheets™ - Flexible Customization and Easy Data Import

Customize our platform to align with your specific requirements and use cases, starting from a blank canvas or by utilizing pre-designed templates as a foundation to expedite the creation of your database. 
Get started with Labsheets™ by effortlessly importing data from Google Sheets, CSV files, and AWS S3 buckets, ensuring seamless integration and data transfer.

Start Creating
Create and customize templates within Scispot's advanced lims interface

Experience Enhanced Data Management with Labsheets™

Effortlessly generate aliquots for your compounds and samples, ensuring precise management and tracking with our advanced cloud-based LIMS. 
Propel lab managements with Scispot's all-in-one platform
Tailor your data views by selecting specific rows and columns, enabling focused analysis and insights with our advanced lab management software.
Our lab management software enables focused data analysis and reveals valuable insights
Seamlessly connect your datasets, linking your Compound Library Labsheet with CRO Labsheets or integrating your Sample Manager Labsheet with a Patient Library. 
Labsheets enhances data management by connecting information
Streamline outlier identification by setting up flag rules, simplifying the process of spotting anomalies.
Streamline outlier identification with Scispot's lab management software
Consolidate and merge datasets to create a comprehensive master Labsheet, facilitating seamless data transformation and analysis.
Consolidate and merge datasets within our Labsheets platform to streamline your R&D

Design Custom Apps for Lab Resource Management with No-Code Configuration

Labsheets is completely configurable without the need for code

Our lab management software allows you to create custom applications with automation workflows to efficiently manage your samples, animals, inventory, vendors, and any other lab resources according to your specific needs.

Integrate your Labsheets™ with legacy LIMS and 3rd-party apps

Optimize your inventory management by integrating your Labsheets with Quartzy, ensuring smooth synchronization of data between the two platforms.
Our advanced cloud based lims allows your to manage your inventory effortlessly
Enhance your data analysis capabilities by integrating your Labsheets™ with JupyterHub.
Labsheets connects to Jupyter Hub which is part of Scispot's developer toolkit
Achieve seamless connectivity between your Labsheets and your internal LIMS system by integrating them through API, enabling efficient data transfer and real-time updates.
Connect your legacy cloud based lims to Scispot's advanced lab management software
Simplify your financial management processes by integrating Labsheets™ with Quickbooks, enabling seamless synchronization of financial data and enhancing accounting accuracy.
Easily sync Quickbooks with Labsheets to optimize your financial management

Connect to Labsheets™

Ready to revolutionize your laboratory data management? Connect to Labsheets™ with Scispot OS and experience the power of streamlined workflows, centralized data access, and seamless collaboration. Say goodbye to manual data entry, scattered information, and inefficient processes. Take the leap and unlock the full potential of your laboratory with Labsheets™ today!

Connect Now
Connect to Labsheets and leave traditional cloud based lims behind

Optimize Your Lab with Advanced Lab Management Software and Tools

Take control of your inventory management by setting up alerts for low inventory levels and expiration dates, ensuring timely replenishment and minimizing stockouts.
Our lab management software empowers laboratories to take control of their inventory
Experience real-time updates of your inventory as you consume consumables on the protocol page, allowing for accurate and up-to-date tracking of your supplies.
Set up real-time updates and notifications in Labsheets
Streamline your equipment booking process through the calendar associated with the Equipment Manager Labsheet, enabling efficient scheduling and utilization of your lab equipment.
Streamling the equipment booking process with Labsheets' lab management software
Effectively manage and visualize the location of your animal models, samples, compounds, and inventory using the advanced tree structure Location Manager associated with the Labsheet, providing a comprehensive overview and easy navigation of your lab resources.
Our tools help researchers visualize their inventory

Enrich your Labsheets™ with Other Enhancements

Enrich your Labsheets with extra enhancements that drive R&D
  • Export your Labsheet in easily accessible formats.
  • Prepare and store your data while maintaining all regulations in a SOC2, HIPAA, CFR Part 11 compliant platform.
  • Privatize your Labsheet and give access to selective members to maintain data security and confidentiality.

Why Choose Labsheets™?

At Scispot, we are a team of scientists who have developed Labsheets™ specifically for scientists like ourselves. Having experienced the limitations and pitfalls of traditional cloud-based LIMS firsthand, we are driven by a genuine desire to provide a better solution that truly meets the unique needs and challenges faced by scientists in their daily work.

Labsheets™ is Steps Above Traditional Cloud-Based LIMS & Lab Management Software

Our lab management software stands out from other outdated LIMS on the market with its exceptional level of advanced configurability, integrability and scalability, allowing laboratories to tailor the system precisely to their specific workflows, processes, and requirements, resulting in a truly customized solution that optimally supports their unique needs.

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