Leave behind spreadsheets and upgrade to Labsheets™

Easily design applications with a no-code spreadsheet interface to manage and automate your resources – inventory, sample, and vendor.

Design your custom apps for lab resource management with no-code configuration

Set up your custom applications with automation workflows to manage your samples, animals, inventory, vendor, or any other lab resources.

Connect your commercial data with Labsheets™

Combine sales, operations, and lab data in Labsheets to efficiently track research progress and spending. You can also send notifications in real-time to research collaborators and partners.

Connect Labsheets™ with your research

Merge your Labsheets data with your experiment templates or notes, and automate your inventory consumption and production.

Generate automated reporting for customers or regulatory agencies

Collate your captured data to automatically create custom reports for your customers, partners, or even regulatory agencies, including an annual report for USDA-APHIS Animal Care and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for your stakeholders.

LIMS software that automatically generates reports that captures research data.

Stay on top of your lab with automated notifications

Ensure timely calibration & maintenance of your lab instruments, set expiration date reminders for samples, and never run out of lab reagents and supplies.

Integrate with legacy LIMS and 3rd-party apps

Transfer data to and from your internal legacy LIMS, data registry systems, or any 3rd-party apps including Google Sheets, Airtable, Smartsheet, etc.

Easily manipulate data in Labsheets™ with developer toolkit built for data engineers and data scientists

Labsheet developer API lets you update any database in Scispot programmatically. Easily connect your Jupyter notebook to manipulate data in Scispot.

Dataroom to selectively share data with external customers or partners

Slice and dice part of your resources data such as samples, materials and share with your customers, and partners with exclusive data room for selected audience.

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