A Connected TechBio Ecosystem (aka Labverse)

You can’t do biotech R&D alone. So, together with our customers and partners, we are creating Labverse, a connected ecosystem of TechBios, CROs, and service providers, making it super simple for biostartups to collaborate with different partners selectively.
In the Labverse, connected labs within and across organizations can collaborate, in real time, to design, run and document experiments.
Our Mission
“We are driving the biorevolution by building the Best Tech Stack for Biotech, with a mission to democratize starting and scaling biotech companies. Our goal is to harness the marriage of bio and tech to create a healthier, disease-free world within our lifetime.”

‍Guru Singh, Founder & CEO, Scispot.
Our Story

Two brothers, Guru and Satya, united by a shared tragedy, embarked on a transformative journey. Guru's passion for curing diseases and Satya's data science expertise converged to create Scispot. What started as a response to their mother's untimely loss evolved into a mission to democratize biotech. Scispot is their brainchild – a digital blueprint that empowers biotech entities with AI-capable data and faster workflows. It's a movement that envisions a world where diseases are conquered swiftly, where cures arrive on time. In this future, thousands of TechBio companies will collaborate to make the world healthier.  Guru and Satya's story is one of inspiration, fuelled by personal tragedy and driven by unwavering collaboration. It's a journey that reshapes biotech and envisions a healthier world."

What is Scispot?
Scispot is the best tech stack for biotech. It's the first-ever toolkit that lets you tailor it to your needs – no coding required. Think of it as a super combo of ELN + LIMS + Integrations + Analytics. You can set it up using a user-friendly interface (GUI) or by entering commands (CLI). It's about making your digital biotech dreams a reality. You can design your data infrastructure, automate your workflows and integrations and make your data ready for machine learning and artificial intelligence – all on one spot. Scispot even provides pre-made blueprints for major experiments, teamwork, and data management.
“100s of modern biotechs across NA, ASIA, AFRICA, EU have supercharged their biotech with Scispot”
What customers say about Scispot
“We are a growing TechBio company so we need flexible solutions to manage our data and metadata. With Scispot, we could build our proteomics sample manager to do exactly what we need.”
Lindsay Pino
Co-founder & CTO @ Talus Bio
"I’ve started relying on Scispot for my daily research planning and execution. Using it to design my experiment templates and store all of my result data has been a game-changer."
Gricelda Mendiola,
Scientist @ Micro Meat
“Scispot allows us to scale our operations rapidly to serve more researchers and developers of novel therapies to improve patient care.”
Daniel Meyer
CEO @ CellChorus
“We use Scispot's Labsheets to manage and track lab samples, prepare multi-well plates, give updates to our research partners, and automate our inventory consumption. The flexibility of Labsheets and its audit trail functionality helped us bring our disparate data from multiple spreadsheets to one Labsheets”
Aida Manu
Head of Operations @ Yemaachi Biotech
Our values
Impact Driven
We stem from purpose to tackle biotech R&D challenges, uniting passionate teams and like-minded individuals for mission-driven success.
No Fear, No End
We compete against ourselves—#1 isn't enough for us. We don’t back down from a challenge.
Customer First
We're committed to fueling biotech breakthroughs through unwavering support for our customers.
Passion for Purpose
We aim to democratize starting and scaling biotech companies, harnessing technology's potential to alleviate challenges faced by entrepreneurs and scientists.
What Scispot Offers
Scispot's developer toolkit is the perfect tool for computational research labs

Centralized R&D platform

A centralized platform for distributed R&D

Seemless integration

Seamless integration of data from 1000s of sources, making the data and metadata instantly machine-readable and standardized

Connect your strategic milestones in Scispot OS

Ready-to-use templates

Pre-built templates for experiments, lab management workflows, databases

Workflow automation

Automated workflows, data management, inventory management, and operations management

Scispot, as an extensive tech stack, integrates with hundreds of different parties

Countless Partnerships

Frictionless partnerships with collaborators and CROs

And so much more.

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Meet the Scispotters

Guru Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Guru is a leader with a love for science and a bold plan to bring life-saving and enhancing products to market faster than ever before with workflow automation. He’s not an actual guru, but he does practice vipassana and yoga.

Satya Singh

Chief Product Manager

When he isn’t out exploring the world, Satya builds products loved by humans and AI alike.

Rafael Pileggi

Head of Engineering

Rafael is a family man who has a multidisciplinary background in arts, philosophy, biomedicine, mathematics, psychopedagogy, data science, and engineering.

Puja Biswas

Resident Scientist

Puja is a passionate biotech researcher committed to making meaningful contributions to the field of biotechnology. In addition to her passion for biotech research, Puja has a deep love for music. She believes that being creative helps her to think innovatively.

Mudit Garg

Software Engineer

Mudit is a software developer with a keen interest in AI. Learning languages such as Japanese and Latin as well as dabbling in music production are some of his favorite pursuits.

David Steinley

Fractional CFO

David is leveraging his expertise in finance, business strategy, and information systems to drive the Scispot's financial success and strategic decision-making.

Jessica Waddell

Partnership Manager

Jessica has a background in business development, sales, and marketing, with a strong customer focus. She loves to travel and meet new people!

Maria Pasyechynk

Product Designer

With a creative background, Maria loves all things UX and constantly explores new ways of creating purposeful & thoughtful design. She's a core believer that aesthetic and utility should never be mutually exclusive.

Saathana Chandrakumar

Software Engineer

Saathana blends her love of art, programming skills, and web development know-how together like paint on a palette to bring incredible designs to life.

Peter Everling

Communication Manager

Peter helps build the Scispot brand with product messaging and marketing strategies. Carrots are his primary source of energy.

Harsh Kanwar

Operations Manager & Resident Scientist

Harsh is Scispot’s resident scientist who loves all things biotech. He’s also into the science of scents and makes custom fragrances in his spare time.

Nandini Sharma

Product Designer

Nandini has a great mix of business, marketing, and design skills with an empathy for the customer.

Harpreet Singh

Account Executive

Harpreet is a seasoned entrepreneur and has a diverse background in Tech sales, Banking, Retail & Food biz. He has a passion for travel, exploring cultures & wines. He is always on the lookout for his next adventure.

Ankita Rath

Business Development Representative

An aspiring researcher in the field of biotechnology. Ankita is passionate about learning new techniques and advancement in the field of medical biotechnology.

Sara Collinson

Business Development Representative

Sara is a self starter and team player from UW that has a keen interest in sales, marketing, and human resources.

Irene He

Front-End Developer

Irene is a driven, innovative, and skilled developer. She's constantly striving to make unique enhancements to the Scispot platform.

Hannah Choi

Front-End Developer

Hannah is a hardworking software engineer with a passion for combining her skills in computer science and love for art.

Feng Xiong

Backend Developer

Feng has a strong interest in cybersecurity. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and solving rubik's cubes.

Thomason Zhou

Full Stack Software Engineer

Matthew Keller

Full Stack Developer


John Kim

John is EVP Chief Product Officer at PayPal former President of Platform & Marketplaces at Expedia Group, and was once an advisor to President George W. Bush.

Dr. Sarah Warren

Dr. Sarah Warren is the Senior Director of Research Technology and Business Development Planning at Kite Pharma, focusing on novel cell therapy technologies. Previously, she led translational science at NanoString Technologies, co-founded Oncofactor Corp, and is a recognized leader in immuno-oncology.

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