About Scispot

Building Tech Stack for Modern Biotech

We, Scispotters, see ourselves as pioneers on a mission to build the best biotech tech stack. We're set to transform biotech companies into digital biology entities, one at a time. We ensure lab tools (like lab instruments and apps) are interoperable, eliminating R&D data silos, and forge a "digital brain" (unique ontologies) for biotech companies to operate as an AI powerhouse and automate all lab workflows. This means they can get their big discoveries out there faster than ever. It might sound wild, but we believe we can help biotech companies bring life-saving treatments to people much quicker—within months instead of years—in the next ten years.

How did it all start?

Two brothers, Guru and Satya, united by a shared tragedy, embarked on a transformative journey. Guru's passion for curing diseases and Satya's expertise in data science converged to create Scispot. What began as a response to their mother's untimely loss evolved into a mission to propel biotech at warp speed. Scispot, their brainchild, is a 'digital brain' that empowers biotech to tap into the AI revolution and accelerate discoveries. It's a movement that envisions a world where diseases are conquered swiftly, where cures arrive on time.

We’re on a mission

To propel biotech at warp speed, transforming biotechs into AI powerhouses. Our goal is to harness the marriage of bio and tech to create a healthier, disease-free world within our lifetime.

Our Values

We're a global team of entrepreneurs, scientists, data nerds, and engineers passionate about driving the bio-revolution by building the best Tech Stack for Biotech.

Customer Obsessed

Customer experience comes before revenue. We're committed to supercharging biotech R&D. Every choice is aimed at enhancing our customers' success, showing their needs are our top priority.

Thinking Big, Deciding Boldly

Empowered by vision, we make decisions that dare to transform. Our approach: Dream ambitiously and act decisively to shape the future of biotech.

Transparent and Authentic

We prioritize clarity and sincerity, evident in our pricing and communication. By avoiding marketing fluff, we build trust and foster genuine connections with both our customers and team.

Team experienced in biotech, SaaS, and AI, from top organizations

We're a rapidly growing, remote-first team, rich in diversity and bound by our customer dedication. Harnessing global experiences, our finest work emanates from around the world.

Spread across 15+ countries

We’re a rapidly growing diverse team with one thing in common; we’re customer obsessed! We come from all corners of the globe — but the magic happens in Toronto, Seattle and Agra.

Our Leadership

Scispot is shaped by maverick scientists and engineers with entrepreneurial spirit.

Guru Singh

Founder & CEO

Satya Singh

Co-founder & CPO

Rafael Pileggi

Head of Engineering

Puja Biswas

Lead Scientist

Our Advisors

We are guided by seasoned advisors from leading tech firms, pharmaceuticals, and biotech, directing Scispot's strategy.

John Kim

EVP Chief Product Officer at PayPal

Dr. Sarah Warren

Senior Director of Business Development at Gilead Sciences

Rajan Bawa

Chief Scientific Officer and Institutional Officer at CARE Research

Backed by the top investors in Tech and Bio

We’re backed by top investors in the tech and biosciences

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We’re a rapidly growing global company empowering group of individuals with expertise in Enterprise software

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We’re a rapidly growing global company empowering group of individuals with expertise in Enterprise software

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