We’re a mission
driven company

Our mission is to make workflow automation possible for every life science lab on this planet. We strive to empower the bioeconomy workforce by making their work as frictionless and productive as possible so that the world can be healed, fueled, and fed faster than ever before.

Our Story

I created Scispot with my brother Satya Singh to modernize the life science industry after experiencing many of its inefficiencies first-hand as a biotech researcher. I believe most inefficiencies bogging down life science companies can be fixed by workflow automation; I want to make sure no one dies young like my late mother simply because the drug they need is not available on the market. I’m on a mission to eliminate all major diseases from our planet within the next two decades. With the support of an all-star team and industry leaders, Scispot can help us realize this bright future.
      - Guru Singh, Founder & CEO @ Scispot

Meet the Scispotters

Guru Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Guru is a leader with a love for science and a bold plan to bring life-saving and enhancing products to market faster than ever before with workflow automation. He’s not an actual guru, but he does practice vipassana and yoga.

Satya Singh

Chief Product Manager

When he isn’t out exploring the world, Satya builds products loved by humans and AI alike.

Rafael Pileggi

Head of Engineering

Rafael is a family man who has a multidisciplinary background in arts, philosophy, biomedicine, mathematics, psychopedagogy, data science, and engineering.

Harsh Kanwar

Operations Manager & Resident Scientist

Harsh is Scispot’s resident scientist who loves all things biotech. He’s also into the science of scents and makes custom fragrances in his spare time.

Peter Everling

Communication Manager

Peter helps build the Scispot brand with product messaging and marketing strategies. Carrots are his primary source of energy.

Fábio Souza

Senior Software Engineer

Coding and building exciting things is Fábio’s passion. He has a background in developing machine-learning and AI-powered products.

Mavelyn Breiva

Software Engineer

Mavelyn blends her love of art, programming skills, and web development know-how together like paint on a palette to bring incredible designs to life.

Mudit Garg

Software Engineer

Mudit is a software developer with a keen interest in AI. Learning languages such as Japanese and Latin as well as dabbling in music production are some of his favorite pursuits.



John Kim

John is President of Platform & Marketplaces at Expedia Group, former President of Vrbo, and was once an advisor to President George W. Bush.


Lindsay Pino, PhD

Lindsay is the CTO of Talus Bio with over a decade of experience in analytical chemistry, computational biology, and developing mass spectrometry proteomics methods for studying human diseases. She is an avid runner and loves to spend time in the mountains.

Daniel Zadeh

Daniel is a cofounder and COO at Adaptyv Biosystems who aims to design the next generation of protein therapeutics by leveraging synthetic biology and computational tools.

Moustafa Houmani

Moustafa is a cofounder of Adaptyv Biosystems who believes that the union between synthetic biology and protein engineering can lead to the next industrial revolution in diverse fields like medicine, fuels, and consumer products.

Vignesh Viswanathan, PhD

Vignesh is a scientist at Stanford with over 10 years of translational oncology research experience.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Rishita Rai

Rishita is a Senior Security professional with more than a decade of experience focused on solving unique cybersecurity and technology issues and improving security posture. She has extensive cross-sector experience delivering threat detection and monitoring, security analytics solutions, developing cybersecurity products, programs, and executing on controls.

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