Scispot AI a.k.a Scibot

The First AI Lab Assistant for Biotech

Scispot introduces Scibot, an AI agent integrated into our alt-ELN, alt-LIMS platform, and our Lab Operating System. Scibot transforms how scientists interact with their lab data and run their R&D, making experimental design, execution, and data discovery more intuitive and efficient.

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Conversational Interface

Traditional click-based interfaces are complemented by Scibot’s chat-based interface. Use natural language prompts to manage data, design experiments, and perform real-time analytics.
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Accelerate Experimentation

scibot simplifies experimental workflows. With simple commands, you can:
Create a cell culture experiment
Load 96-well plates
Send plates to a Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handler
Prepare samples for an Illumina NextSeq 550 sequencer
Generate growth curves or dose-response analyses

AI-Assisted Search

Scibot applies complex filters to search documents, tasks, people, and files contextually and semantically. Adjust filters easily for precision and save valuable time on data retrieval, allowing you to focus on core tasks.

Specialized Analytics

Scibot supports advanced analytics, including:
Pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) modeling
High-content screening analysis
Multi-parameter flow cytometry data analysis
Advanced plotting like heat maps and 3D molecular structures

Comprehensive Reporting

Scibot generates detailed and customizable reports, making it easy to share insights and findings with your team. Whether it's a summary of experimental results, data trends, or compliance documentation, Scibot's reporting capabilities ensure clarity and precision.

Data Integrity

Scispot ensures your data remains secure and private. We guarantee that your data is not used to train AI models or accessed by sub-processors. Our commitment to data security maintains the highest standards of integrity.

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