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Future-Proof Your Lab with the Best LIMS Software – alt-LIMS

Scispot alt-LIMS is the most intuitive, customizable, fast-implementing, and integrable Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for modern wet and dry labs focused on data science.


Reduction in manual errors


Faster project completion


Increase in sample processing capacity


Faster Report Generation

Why Scispot?

Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.

Unparalleled Usability

Optimized for high-throughput labs with an exceptional UI

Scalable and Affordable

Cost-effective solutions that scale with your lab.

Data Science Focus

API-first design for ML and AI data prep

Flexible and Configurable

Customizable workflows with extensive API and No-Code options.

Seamless Integrability

1-click integrations with lab instruments and apps

White Glove Support

Personalized setups and unlimited expert training and consulting

Meet Scispot AI Agent on Alt-LIMS

Transform your lab operations with Scibot, an AI agent for LIMS. Move from multi-click to a chat interface, convert data into actionable insights, and use natural language search for data and tasks.
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Case study

How Boston based lab 3x their scientific productivity

In the pioneering days of the 1960s, the integration of computers and the internet into biology research laid the groundwork for the field of bioinformatics. Despite these early innovations, the pace of technological adoption in R&D has significantly slowed, particularly in the realm of instrument connectivity.

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Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

“The integrated LIMS and freezer manager has been a game changer. Scispot LIMS replicates everything in our lab, tracking storage locations. It also merges various lab sheets specific to samples and reagents, giving a clear overview of lab organization. This improvement has enhanced team communication and streamlined lab processes.”

Lindsey Charley
Research Technician at CellChorus

"Scispot is very easy to integrate into our current system. It provided us with some ready-to-use workflows for automatically recording inventory, executing media recipes, and tracking a lot of the things that we do here. This raises our quality of work to a whole new level."

Engineering Manager, Culture Biosciences

"Scispot expands our digital footprint and helps us scale faster. It consolidates our company-wide operations and enhances the quality and efficiency of our science.”

John Butler
Founder & CEO, QuantumCyte

"Scispot significantly improved my scientific productivity. It stands out as the most configurable platform I've used. In just a few minutes, I configured my own sample and inventory manager using Scispot Labsheets. The seamless integration with scientific instruments has streamlined my workflows, making Scispot an invaluable tool in my lab."

Soumith P.
Computational Biologist, UT SW Medical Center


What makes Scispot the best LIMS for small labs and big biotechs?


Scispot presents a modern LIMS alternative, distinguishing itself as the best LIMS through its no-code and API configurations, one-click integrations with lab instruments, and added features such as data lakes and computational tools. It's meticulously designed for biotech companies aiming to leverage data science and AI, boasting built-in data model templates and knowledge graphs. Its cloud-based LIMS integration with various scientific apps and instruments streamlines lab operations, establishing it as the ideal LIMS for small labs and big biotechs alike.

How can Scispot's lab management software, an affordable LIMS software, benefit my laboratory operations?


Scispot LIMS is affordable and designed to significantly automate laboratory workflows, offering instant deployment with no implementation wait due to its built-in configurable templates for different types of companies and workflows. This makes it completely configurable, moldable, yet super quick to implement, ready to use from day one. The affordable LIMS software by Scispot is an ideal solution for labs seeking an efficient, cloud-based LIMS that is cost-effective compared to traditional LIMS systems requiring heavy implementation. This comprehensive approach to lab management underscores Scispot as the best LIMS solution for modern biotech labs, seamlessly integrating LIMS and ELN.

How simple is it to integrate Scispot's cloud based LIMS with other scientific apps and lab instruments?


Integrating is a one-click process for major scientific apps and instruments. Scispot's LIMS for small lab and large biotechs are adept at bringing together all your scientific applications and lab instruments into a unified FAIR data cloud via Scispot GLUE. This cloud based LIMS integration simplifies the transfer, transformation, and analysis of lab data, guaranteeing a seamless flow of information throughout your Digital Lab ecosystem. Such efficiency positions Scispot as the best LIMS, especially for labs focused on upgrading their digital infrastructure and workflows with LIMS and ELN.

What customer support does Scispot provide?


At Scispot, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. Every lab benefits from a dedicated account manager and a dedicated Slack or Teams channel, guaranteeing personalized and prompt support by our science and engineering team. This approach makes Scispot the leading LIMS for small labs and the best LIMS, showcasing our unparalleled service and support for labs of all sizes in need of a cloud based LIMS. Our dedication to making every customer feel important is central to our mission of offering the best LIMS experience.

How easy is it to retrieve external data like CRO/CMO data and have it entered into Scispot alt-LIMS?


Scispot's LIMS app is API-first, allowing seamless import of external data, such as data from Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), into standardized formats. It features auto-checks for discrepancies in units, detects duplicates and outliers, and helps correct them within seconds. This ensures your data is always accurate and reliable, making Scispot an incredibly powerful and efficient choice for modern lab management.

Can Scispot LIMS help me manage every sample and assign preparation and analysis templates based on the sample type and required analysis (which could vary for each sample)?


Absolutely! Scispot LIMS features highly configurable built-in workflows with powerful automation scripts. You can set up templates and create custom workflow rules for preparation, processing, analysis, and reporting tailored to each sample type. This flexibility ensures that every step, from sample handling to final analysis, is streamlined and efficient, enhancing your lab's productivity and accuracy.


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Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.
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Integrated Lab Data and Workflows for Oil Testing Lab

How an Essential Oil Testing Lab Integrated Their Lab Data and Workflows and Made Their Testing Turnaround Faster with Scispot
Tapasya Shah
04 June 2024
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Human Tissue and Bio-Fluids Supplier Implements Scispot

How a Human Tissue and Bio-Fluids Supplier Implements Scispot to Manage Human Samples and Medical Study Data
Hannah Trub
03 June 2024
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Future-Proof Your Lab with the Modern LIMS Alternative (alt-LIMS)

Scispot alt-LIMS is the most intuitive, customizable, and integrable LIMS, ready to use from day one.
Rafael Pileggi
21 May 2024
5 min read