Modern Sample Management Software With Integrated Solution for Fast-Growing R&D Labs

The best cloud based software for Laboratory Sample Management.

Our cutting-edge Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), and Location Manager software integrate with Sample Manager software to provide a comprehensive suite of tools that help biotech startups and scaleups efficiently manage every aspect of R&D and laboratory operations. With Sample Manager, you can easily track samples, integrate instruments, automate data collection, streamline data analysis, and simplify laboratory workflows. It's time to replace your old lab inventory and lab sample manager system with Scispot’s advanced Sample Manager. Sample data entry and management has never been this easy!

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Sample Workflow Management

Easily create aliquots and derivatives and record all your parent-children data in real time inside Scispot’s advanced LIMS Sample Manager Labsheet.

Connecting Sample Databases

Merge your Blood Sample Manager Labsheets with Patient Information, or DNA Sample Manger with Primer Inventory just through a few clicks. Create one-to-one/many-to-many connections inside your relevant Sample Manager.

Tracking Sample Data & Metadata

Record all your data and metadata for your samples (Eg: DNA) and query uniqueness against a huge database, by creating Flags or Alerts to report deviation (Eg: mutation) or modification (Eg: phosphorylation, glycosylation) in sequence.

Connecting FASTA Files with Samples

Create Sequence Designer columns to save FASTA files associated with your DNA samples.

Building your Experiment Metadata Knowledge Graphs

Easily build the complete knowledge graph of your sample journey

Connecting your Protocol Runs with your Sample Database

Connect your experiment & protocol runs with your sample database. Integrate your Sample workflow management inside ELN, and track the journey!
  • Manage your sample inventory seamlessly through automated sample check-out.
  • Connect your samples with each other ( Eg: DNA with Cell Lines), and with data and metadata (Eg: A/T/G/C percentage, Palindromic sequences, etc) so you can easily analyze your next steps.
  • Direct check-out options for your samples in HTS 96/384 multi-well plates.
  • Set your tree structured Location Manager to easily locate stored samples. Our sample storage includes visualization of storage box, freezer racks, and multiwell HTS plates.
  • Templatize your workflows (Eg: PCR, Primer Designing, DNA Isolation From Blood Samples, Plasmid Transformation etc), and manage/process the relevant samples accurately, and create versions as required.
  • Enjoy comprehensive sample tracking from receipt to disposal, with complete chain-of-custody and audit trails.

Why Choose Scispot’s Cloud Based Sample Management?

In the past, biotech startups had no single platform they could use to integrate all their data from multiple sources and manage all aspects of R&D and lab operations. Scispot designed a user-friendly, modern LIMS and ELN replacement software with features that simplify laboratory workflows, streamline assay development, increase compliance, and enhance productivity. Our system is highly customizable, allowing you to configure it to match your specific business processes and laboratory workflows.

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Biotech Companies Love Scispot’s Cloud Based Sample Manager

"Scispot’s Sample Manager- the cloud based advanced sample management system has been a game-changer for our startup. It made regulatory compliance and laboratory management effortless, boosting our productivity significantly. The Scispot team provided excellent customization, making it feel like they were a part of our own team. We now have complete control and confidence in our laboratory management, and highly recommend Scispot Sample Manager to other startups."
Drug Discovery Startup CEO

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