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Scispot brings to the forefront an intuitive sample manager software designed specifically for the needs of data-focused and AI-enhanced biotech startups and scaleups. Our platform is user-friendly and features ready-to-use, customizable templates for immediate deployment with no implementation time. Whether it's lab scanning, sample registration, processing, integrating instrument data, analysis, or report generation, our Laboratory Sample Management Software is your go-to lab toolkit in accelerating your lab research and testing workflows.

Embrace the future with Scispot’s advanced Sample Manager, a system that not only automates sample data entry, analysis, and report creation but also seamlessly integrates with your existing lab setup. 

Optimize Traceability in Sample Workflow Management

Scispot's Sample Manager Software makes creating aliquots and derivatives straightforward, and it effectively tracks all parent-children data in real time, allowing for clear traceability throughout your sample workflows.

Automatically Connect your Sample Databases

Merge your Blood Sample Manager Software Labsheets with Patient Information, or connect your DNA Sample Manager with Primer Inventory automatically. The Sample Manager allows you to create practical one-to-one or many-to-many connections, making the management of diverse sample-related datasets more intuitive and effective.

Monitor Your Sample Data in Real-Time for Quicker Decision-Making

Record all data and metadata for your samples (e.g., DNA) and query uniqueness against a vast database. Create Flags or Alerts to report any deviations (e.g., mutations) or modifications (e.g., phosphorylation, glycosylation) in sequences using our sample tracking software

Enhance DNA Sample Analysis by Integrating FASTA Files

Easily link FASTA files to DNA samples using Sequence Designer columns. This allows for quick referencing of genetic sequences, enabling efficient and accurate analysis, like identifying gene mutations with our lab sample management software.

Track Your Samples’ Journey for Deeper Insights

Create a knowledge graph for effortless tracking of your samples’ journey. This visual tool illuminates connections and patterns, such as linking changes in a cell culture to specific treatments, thus providing clearer and more actionable insights by our specimen management software.

Improve Experiment Accuracy with Protocol and Sample Database Integration

Link your experiment and protocol runs directly to your sample database. By integrating sample workflow management software within your Electronic Lab Notebook Alternative (alt-ELN) on Scispot, you can easily follow each sample's journey. For example, track how a particular reagent affects different samples, leading to faster and more accurate experimental conclusions.
  • Manage your sample inventory seamlessly through automated sample check-out.
  • Connect your samples with each other ( Eg: DNA with Cell Lines), and with data and metadata (Eg: A/T/G/C percentage, Palindromic sequences, etc) so you can easily analyze your next steps.
  • Direct check-out options for your samples in HTS 96/384 multi-well plates.
  • Set your tree structured Location Manager to easily locate stored samples. Our sample storage includes visualization of storage box, freezer racks, and multiwell HTS plates.
  • Templatize your workflows (Eg: PCR, Primer Designing, DNA Isolation From Blood Samples, Plasmid Transformation etc), and manage/process the relevant samples accurately, and create versions as required.
  • Enjoy comprehensive sample tracking from receipt to disposal, with complete chain-of-custody and audit trails.

Why Scispot’s Laboratory Sample Management Software Stands Out for Data-Centric and AI Biotechs

Gone are the days when growing biotech companies had to juggle multiple platforms for data analysis and R&D management. Scispot offers an innovative alternative to traditional LIMS and ELN systems, catering specifically to data-focused and AI-driven biotech companies. Our modern, user-friendly platform is more than just software; it’s a comprehensive alt-LIMS and alt-ELN solution that simplifies laboratory workflows, accelerates assay development, ensures compliance, and boosts productivity. Designed with configurability at its core, Scispot allows you to tailor the alt-LIMS and alt-ELN system to your unique business processes and laboratory needs, making it the preferred choice for companies that prioritize data and technology in their research.

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Biotech Companies Love Scispot’s Cloud Based Sample Manager

"Scispot’s Sample Manager- the cloud based advanced sample management system has been a game-changer for our startup. It made regulatory compliance and laboratory management effortless, boosting our productivity significantly. The Scispot team provided excellent customization, making it feel like they were a part of our own team. We now have complete control and confidence in our laboratory management, and highly recommend Scispot Sample Manager to other startups."
Drug Discovery Startup CEO

Sample Management Software FAQs

How does Scispot compare with other lab sample management software?


Scispot’s sample management software is completely customizable and ready to use on day 1 as it comes with built-in templates for all major workflows from sample registration to analysis. It has one-click integrations with all major lab instruments, ensuring seamless compatibility and ease of use.

Does Scispot’s sample management software support freezer management software?


Yes, Scispot's sample management software includes a feature called "Location Manager," which optimises sample storage and tracking for you:

- Visual Storage Maps: Easily visualize freezers and racks in real-time, simplifying sample organization.
- Configurable Storage Containers: Tailor management for different container types. Templates for boxes/plates with varied configurations.
- Sample Tracking: Leverage barcode integration for efficient scanning and quick sample identification.
- Instant Locating: Utilize advanced search to swiftly find samples by location or metadata.

Can Scispot’s sample management software be integrated with other laboratory systems?


Yes, Scispot’s sample management software is designed to integrate seamlessly with other laboratory systems, including Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and data analysis platforms. This integration ensures smooth data flow and collaboration across all aspects of laboratory operations.

Is Scispot’s sample management software compliant with industry regulations?


Absolutely, Scispot’s sample management software is designed to adhere to industry regulations such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and ISO standards (such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025), ensuring that your laboratory operations meet the necessary regulatory requirements. Additionally, it provides features for maintaining compliance with FDA guidelines and other regulatory bodies, offering peace of mind regarding data integrity, traceability, and auditability

 How does Scispot’s sample management software ensure data security and confidentiality?


Scispot prioritizes data security and confidentiality. Our sample management software employs robust encryption methods to safeguard sensitive information, access controls to restrict unauthorized users, and regular data backups to prevent loss of critical data. Additionally, we offer customizable user permissions to control access to sensitive data within your organization.

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