Accelerate your Genomic Research with Scispot

Simplify, Streamline, Visualize, and Collaborate. Manage your genomic data effortlessly, plan experiments with ease, track samples efficiently, automate workflows, and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

Whether you're planning your plasmid, designing your primer, performing CRISPR, preparing for whole genome sequencing, or creating a new strain, our advanced tools and resources are designed to help you scale up your productivity and accelerate your research.
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Manage your storefront inventory

Keep your inventory organized by integrating your data from your storefront to manage your stock. Ensure that your records are always up to date by automating purchased items to be removed from your inventory.

Ingest Antibody Sequencing via CSV or Google Sheet

Plan Southern Blotting experiments

Prepare Cell Line databases easily

Visualize DNA fragments

With Scispot, you can

  • Simplify data management, streamline experiment planning, and optimize sample tracking with Scispot, your all-in-one solution for genomics research.
  • Templatize repetitive tasks, such as strain engineering and automate logistic responsibilities such as  inventory management, with Scispot, saving time and reducing manual errors.
  • Upload your .DNA, .GB, .FASTA files with Scispot. Design your gene of interest and visualize it inside our advanced LIMS - Labsheet, and digital ELN- Labspace.
  • Gain insights about its linear/circular maps. Learn about its properties easily.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team using Scispot's built-in collaboration features, enabling efficient data sharing, version control, and electronic signatures for regulatory compliance in your genetic workflows.
  • Assign, track, and monitor requests between team members and stay updated with your sprint status for genetic engineering.

Simplify data management, streamline experiment planning, optimize sample tracking, automate workflows, and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

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