Biotech Store™ - Scispot’s e-commerce Platform

Turn your inventory or catalog into an online store.

Biotech Store™ is a secure, customizable e-commerce platform that connects Scispot’s Labsheets with a suite of 3rd party apps, including Shopify and Woocommerce. With Biotech Store, you can now seamlessly link your lab and inventory management with an online store on your company website - all from your Scispot account. 
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Features and Integrations Specifically Designed for e-commerce

Use Labsheets to create linked inventory management databases
Link inventory levels to production and sales. Any changes you make in Scispot will automatically update in real time on your website.
Analyze your production, inventory levels, and sales
Stay up-to-date on inventory levels, track progress and milestones, and forecast production needs.
Enjoy real-time inventory updates
When you produce a product at the bench using a protocol template, Scispot automatically updates inventory levels.
Scispot also automatically updates inventory levels when a customer places an order and when that order is shipped.
Biotech Store allows you to set up and manage your online store directly from your Scispot account. You can integrate all aspects of R&D, production, inventory management, and sales. By having all your data in one spot, and a single source of truth, you can automate and streamline lab management, saving time and making sure you never have any nasty surprises like missing reagents or unfulfilled orders.

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“From the beginning, Scispot listened to our needs and helped us to build the digital tools we need to scale our company, including our online store”
“We used Scispot to set up our online shop, connect our R&D, operational, and commercial data, and automate repetitive workflows. Having all our data in one platform has made every aspect of our company more efficient.”
Ponni Anand, CEO of IgnyteBio

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