Set your biostartup up for success from day one.

Biostartups often have no choice but to rely on out-of-date tools like paper notebooks, old-school electronic lab notebooks, and non-scientific Google Sheets. Not any more. Scispot is committed to empowering your startup with modern productivity tools at a discounted price and helping turn your startup story into the next big success!

Over 30 modern life science companies chose Scispot in 2021. Take advantage of our micro-startup discount and turn your startup into a digital powerhouse with our workflow automation toolkit.

You are eligible for our micro-startup plan if you:

• Have registered a company
• Have a business website and email address
• Have raised ≤ 500K USD in total
• Have a team of ≤  5 employees

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Modern biotech startups adopt Scispot to improve the quality and speed of their research.

"Scispot expands our digital footprint and helps us scale faster. It consolidates our company-wide operations and enhances the quality and efficiency of our science.”

Culture Biosciences is a modern biotech that vouches for Scispot's tech stack
John Butler
Founder & CEO, QuantumCyte

"I’ve started relying on Scispot for my daily research planning and execution. Using it to design my experiment templates and store all of my result data has been a game-changer."

Gricelda Mendiola
Scientist, Micro Meat
Why Scispot? With our eln software you can efficiently streamline your research.

Think beyond paper notebooks, Google Sheets, electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), and old-school lab software. Join Scispot and run your biostartup right with a modern workflow automation platform.

Create templates for repeatable protocols.

Create a library of templates for your repeatable protocols so you never have to start your research from scratch ever again.

Collaborate with your team, academic labs, or CROs.

Connect with your team and external labs to collaboratively perform research and share results.

Run experiments, document results, and track progress.

Use protocol templates to perform your research at the bench, document collaboratively, and create reports automatically.

Manage and track your resources.

Manage samples, inventory, vendors, or any other lab resources to keep your lab research on the fast track.

Share real-time progress with your collaborators and investors.

Set up dashboards and alerts for your customers, partners, and even investors to keep everyone in the loop selectively.

Easily integrate your inventory and receive updates from Scispot's eln software.

Automate repetitive tasks to focus more on your science.

Automate your inventory consumption & production, experiment report creation, equipment maintenance, product reordering, and much more.

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Manage and integrate all your chemistry workflows from compound registration, tracking, disposal to reporting all in one spot.

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