Molecular Diagnostics

Scispot: The Best Molecular Diagnostics "LIMS"

Lab Workflow Automation from Sample Reception to Analytical Insight.

Efficient Sample Management
Manage samples efficiently from scanning and storage to freezer management using Scispot's molecular diagnostics LIMS.
Advanced Plate Design & Processing
Quickly design multi-well plates for diverse experiments in clinical LIMS settings. Integrates with PCR systems like QuantStudio 5 and Roche LightCycler 480, supporting sequencing tests with platforms like Illumina MiSeq
Automated Instrument Data Import, QC & Analysis
Automate data import from instruments like qPCR, sequencers, and plate readers with Scispot's LIMS. Perform QC checks for contamination and sample integrity, and analyze mutations and allele frequencies.
Automated Lab Reporting & Sharing
Generate precise, standardized patient reports with Scispot AI in clinical LIMS, ensuring HIPAA and CLIA compliance. Labs can also securely share reports with hospital partners or patients directly.
Streamlined Communication with Partners
Receive orders from clinics and patients, and send test kits and reports easily with Scispot’s molecular diagnostics LIMS.
Simplified Regulatory Compliance
Stay compliant with CLIA-certified standards effortlessly in clinical LIMS. Scispot ensures traceability and efficient reporting, crucial for regulated labs.

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Why Scispot is Essential for Molecular Diagnostics Startups

Speed: Reduce time from sample reception to result delivery in molecular diagnostics LIMS.
Standardization: Create a uniform process for diagnostics in clinical LIMS.
Scalability: Grow your venture without sacrificing efficiency or CLIA compliance.

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How does Scispot’s molecular diagnostic LIMS enhance lab efficiency and automation?


Scispot's visual lab workflow system enhances transparency and coordination among lab personnel, streamlining processes. Additionally, our platform integrates with hundreds of lab instruments and automates data import, QC checks, and analysis, reducing manual tasks and increasing overall lab efficiency.

Can Scispot’s clinical LIMS integrate with our ERP system and data warehouses or data lakes?


Yes, Scispot integrates seamlessly with popular ERP systems like Netsuite, SAP, and Oracle, enhancing ERP capabilities, and connects to data warehouses or data lakes such as Snowflake and Databricks. These integrations centralize data, streamline data management, and improve operational efficiency.

What resources and security measures does Scispot offer?


Scispot offers white glove customer support to all its clinical LIMS customers, including 1-on-1 Zoom training, recorded training videos, and consulting on best practices for data and lab management. For security, we hold industry-leading certifications, perform hourly data backups, and encrypt data at rest and in transit, ensuring robust protection and compliance.

How does Scispot handle user access and PHI information?


Scispot supports Microsoft and Google Single Sign-On (SSO), including Entra, for secure and streamlined access. We securely store PHI information in our LIMS, allowing access for clinicians and authorized users based on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions, enhancing both security and compliance.

How does Scispot handle large datasets from Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) in molecular diagnostics LIMS?


Scispot is adept at managing the voluminous and complex datasets generated by NGS technologies. Our molecular diagnostics LIMS utilizes high-powered data processing capabilities and AI analytics to efficiently manage, analyze, and store large NGS datasets. This ensures rapid data management and QC, reducing the time from sample to analysis. Furthermore, Scispot's scalable infrastructure supports growing data needs, ensuring labs can expand their NGS capabilities without facing data handling bottlenecks.

Can Scispot integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for streamlined molecular diagnostics?


Yes, integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is a key feature of Scispot's molecular diagnostics system. Our platform is designed to facilitate seamless data exchange between molecular diagnostics labs and EHR systems. This integration ensures that diagnostic results are quickly and securely transferred to patient records, improving the speed and accuracy of clinical decision-making. Scispot’s commitment to interoperability enhances lab efficiency and patient care quality by ensuring that critical health data is readily accessible to healthcare providers.

How does Scispot integrate with molecular diagnostics instruments?


Scispot's molecular diagnostics LIMS features built-in integrations with diagnostic instruments, requiring no additional coding. Our platform seamlessly connects with PCR systems like QuantStudio 5 and Roche LightCycler 480, and sequencing platforms like Illumina MiSeq. This direct, plug-and-play integration facilitates effortless data exchange, streamlines workflows, and enhances lab scalability, keeping operations at the cutting edge of molecular diagnostics technology.

What sets Scispot apart as a molecular diagnostics LIMS?


Scispot is a no-code, highly configurable, and intuitive LIMS with built-in integrations and API options for molecular diagnostics. Our platform automates data transfer and leverages AI analytics to produce precise, standardized reports. Scispot ensures higher accuracy and efficiency in data management and reporting, delivering faster, reliable results. It is also one of the most affordable options, making advanced clinical LIMS system for small laboratories

How does Scispot's molecular diagnostics LIMS ensure compliance and data security for labs?


Scispot's molecular diagnostics LIMS combines compliance, data security, and privacy into a single, powerful platform. Designed for molecular diagnostics labs, our software automates QC checks and secure sample storage, ensuring CLIA standards compliance. With advanced data encryption, hourly backups, and adherence to HIPAA regulations, our molecular diagnostics lab software guarantees the safety of patient and research data. Strategic features like robust access controls, electronic signature and approval, and audit trails make Scispot's molecular diagnostics system the secure, compliant choice for labs.

What plans does Scispot offer?


Scispot caters to both startups and scaleups with tailored plans to meet their needs. We also have a specific plan dedicated to molecular diagnostics companies, ensuring specialized support and features for their unique requirements. Learn More

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