Never run out of inventory for your experiments.

We have integrated Quartzy into the Scispot platform so you can automate product re-ordering, forecast your inventory needs & keep a single source of truth.

Automate inventory management with our powerful tool

No more downtime because you are missing reagents. No more wasted time re-ordering products.

Setting Up Quartzy Integration

About Scispot's Quartzy Integration

Revolutionize your product re-ordering

With Scispot’s Quartzy integration, your inventory in Scispot is automatically synced with Quartzy. You can connect your experiment execution with your inventory and Scispot will automatically update your product quantities as you run experiments. You can also set up re-ordering thresholds to automate product re-ordering.

Generate inventory insights in real time

Stay one step ahead

Track product use and forecast your inventory needs by integrating Scispot with Quartzy. Use this info to set up product re-ordering thresholds and automate your inventory management.

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Over 50 growing life sciences companies and counting have upped their R&D game with Scispot, including many contract research organizations (CROs), contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), alt-protein startups, and industrial biotech companies.
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