Scispot Rooms: Revolutionizing CRO Data Management in Biotech

Secure Your Data Sharing and Collaboration

Introducing Scispot Rooms, also referred to as data rooms. This platform is specifically designed for modern biotechs, focusing on secure data sharing and collaboration with CROs. Scispot Rooms facilitates effective and protected data management for biotech companies and CROs.
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Key Features

Efficient Data Collaboration with CROs
Work together more easily with CROs. Design research projects in Scispot, like developing a new enzyme inhibition assay, and share it with CROs. The CRO then conducts the assay, sending back detailed data through the same platform, ensuring a seamless and timely workflow.
Standardized Data Reception from CROs
Our data rooms streamline the process of receiving data from CROs. You can set up links for CROs to submit data in a specific, standardized format. This ensures that the data you receive aligns with your data model and is immediately ready for analysis. For example, a CRO conducting a toxicity study can upload their findings directly in the required format, making it instantly accessible and analyzable for your team.
Flexible Data Control with Secure Sharing
Our data rooms allow you to 'slice and dice' your internal R&D data, giving CROs access to only what they need. They can update your database without seeing your full internal data, ensuring secure and compliant collaboration. This approach, adhering to CFR Part 11, SOC2, and HIPAA standards, lets you selectively share, for instance, specific results of a project, while keeping other sensitive information private.
Scispot Rooms offers a single space to manage all your CRO interactions. It efficiently handles versioning and activity logs, ensuring your CRO data aligns with your internal data model. This platform standardizes data for seamless knowledge exchange, keeping everything organized, compliance and accessible.

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“Scispot Rooms has become our primary tool for CRO data management, including managing, sharing, and collaborating on such data.”

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