Scispot for Chemistry Design Workflows

Simplify small molecule drug discovery with Scispot- its a thousand times more powerful than a regular online lab notebook.

Unleash the power of Scispot’s digital science notebook, designed to support your assay data management. Draw chemicals using our chemistry visualization tool, ChemBoard™. Visualize compounds using SMILES, MOL and Inchi, enable Structure Standardization, and more.

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Features and Integrations Specifically Designed for Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Design chemicals from scratch using our chemistry design software, ChemBoard™

Ingest your SMILES, MOL and InChI files in our ChemBoard™ and visualize your structure in our molecule software.

Directly integrate and analyze your chemical inventory with metadata

Record data for your compounds along with the structure in our advanced LIMS- Labsheet, to create your digital lab for  compound/chemical inventory with all required metadata, enabling complete registration.

Model and analyze stereochemistry

Use our chemistry visualization software, ChemBoard™ to analyze the stereochemistry for your compounds, such as E/Z/R/S conformation, AND/OR centres, and more. Directly upload your SDB files and convert your SMILES, MOL, and InChI files to structure. Chemically aware Scispot’s digital LIMS and ELN will also calculate the physical and chemical properties for your compounds.

Standardize structures

Structure Standardization is enabled in our chemistry software, ChemBoard™ to avoid any discrepancies in data bases. Our advanced digital science notebook is also integrated with Structure Standardization, aiding your assay development.

With Scispot, you can

  • Design and visualize chemical structures using our chemistry visualization software, ChemBoard™
  • Visualize chemical compounds using SMILES, MOL, and Inchi
  • Easily check the chirality AND/OR centers
  • Register your molecule along with all metadata in our advanced LIMS.
  • Track your compounds and chemistry data throughout the experimental workflow in our advanced digital ELN, with systematic assay data management. Maintain a full audit trail and versioning for each compound.
  • Set up bulk registration of molecules in our advanced LIMS- Labsheets, through API, CSV, and Google Sheets.
  • Use barcode scanning for easy chemical tracking using our online lab notebook and platform
  • Create flags for any deviations
  • Real-time quality check and data validation through alerts, flags, and a detailed audit trail

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"We have built an efficient AI-powered drug discovery engine. We wanted an equally elegant solution to streamline our confirmatory experimental biological testing and feed our wet lab results back into our AI-driven drug discovery platform to improve accuracy.”
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