Scispot is now a YC-backed company!

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Scispot is now a YC-backed company!

Starting your own business is a pursuit fraught with hurdles that will challenge even the most enterprising entrepreneur. The landscape of startups is both exhilarating and daunting, with statistics showing a high rate of failure in the first five years. Winning support from a community that has helped create many unicorns gives us the confidence and momentum we need to leap over some of those hurdles. We are very excited to announce that Scispot is now a Y Combinator-backed company!

YC has invested in some of the best companies on this planet including Airbnb, Coinbase, Dropbox, Stripe, Instacart, and Reddit. Being part of Y Combinator is not just about funding—it's about mentorship, networking, and gaining access to a wealth of resources that have been pivotal in the scaling of companies. It is a true honor to join the YC community.

Learn more about our journey, the challenges we’ve faced, and how YC’s backing will propel us to new heights by scheduling a demo below.

Scispot OS - Lab operating system

Most YC biotech companies from recent batches have adopted Scispot to set up right digital foundation from day one. These include CellChorus, Talus Bio, Culture Biosciences, Micro Meat, Persist AI, Indee Labs, Yemaachi Biotechnology, Feanix Biotechnologies and 20 more.

CellChorus: Founded by Dan Meyer and Navin Varadarajan in 2017, CellChorus is a dynamic single-cell analysis company located in Houston, TX. This life science company utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze thousands of videos of cell-cell interactions. These analyses aid in the development and delivery of cell therapies, antibody therapeutics, and vaccines. Their platform enables the evaluation of many mini-microscopy experiments in parallel, focusing on quantifying cell movement and contact.

Talus Bio: Talus Bio operates in the field of drug discovery and development, focusing on genome regulators known as "the regulome". By moving drug discovery from artificial systems, where regulome proteins fail to function correctly, to live human cells, they strive to target previously undruggable genome regulators. Their technology is vital in understanding gene regulators, which play a crucial role in interpreting the human genome by switching genes on and off, thereby impacting many diseases.

Feanix Biotechnologies: Co-founded by Mitch, who holds a Bachelor's in Genetics and a Master's in Animal Science, Feanix Biotechnologies focuses on leveraging DNA to enhance agriculture. With a background in farming and agriculture, they aim to create a new generation of efficient and healthy agriculture, shaping a better future of food.

Culture Biosciences: Located in South San Francisco, CA, Culture Biosciences, co-founded by Matt Ball and Will Patrick, specializes in growing cells for biotech companies. They recently raised $80M in Series B Funding. The company has a team of 40 employees and plays a significant role in supporting biotech research and development.

Yemaachi Biotechnology: Yemaachi Biotech focuses on diversifying and expanding access to precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. They collect and sequence samples from across Africa, the most genetically diverse population on the planet. This data collection aids in optimizing existing diagnostic tests and discovering new ones, contributing significantly to cancer research and treatment.

Persist AI: Persist AI is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by developing long-lasting drug formulations up to 50% faster. Using robotics and AI, they reduce a typical 5-year drug formulation process to approximately 2 years. Their technique involves encapsulating drugs inside injectable microspheres made with FDA-approved materials, primarily for creating drug injections that last up to one year.

MicroMeat: Founded in 2021 by Anne-Sophie Mertgen and based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, MicroMeat is dedicated to scaling up cultured/clean meat production. The company, which currently has no employees, is committed to the development of technologies for cultivated meat, focusing on addressing global food sustainability and ethical concerns related to meat production.

Indee Labs: Indee Labs, backed by SOSV, Y Combinator, Social Capital, and Founders Fund, focuses on T cell immunotherapy discovery, development, and manufacturing. They are developing a non-viral intracellular delivery system called Hydropore, based on microfluidic vortex shedding (µVS). This system is a robust solution for delivering nucleic acids, proteins, and gene editing complexes to patient and donor T cells, overcoming the limitations and costs of traditional methods like electroporation and viral transduction.

Scispot has cutting edge data infrastructure and analytics that are built to streamline biotech R&D

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