Precision Oncology Company Leveraging the Genetic Diversity of African Populations

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People living in Africa are more genetically diverse than on any other continent. However, African populations are severely under-represented in most genetic studies. A relatively recent African genomic study, conducted in 2020, found more than 3 million new genetic variants, highlighting the importance of more representative genetic studies. 
There is also a relative lack of genetic testing services and treatments in Africa, as well as a large disease burden, including many tropical and neglected diseases.

Yemaachi Biotechnology is a Ghana-based precision oncology company developing next-generation cancer diagnostics and therapeutics based on sequencing data from genetically diverse African populations. Yeemachi has collected and sequenced large numbers of samples to create the first Pan-African clinical and genomic database. With their clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotech partners, Yeemachi uses their database, immunogenomics, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to discover and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic products and to optimize existing products. 

Yemaachi also provides affordable, accredited clinical NGS-based screening and diagnostic testing services.

“We want to redefine how cancer is diagnosed and treated in Africa, through innovative, sustainable biomedical research and partnerships.” Yaw Bediako, CEO and Co-Founder, Yemaachi Therapeutics

The Challenge

Yemaachi needs to manage very large data sets and collaborations with a range of different partners in many locations. They wanted to find a secure, regulatory-compliant digital platform to manage their clinical data and automate sample and material tracking.

The Solution

Yemaachi partnered with Scispot to templatize their complex workflow. Scispot provides them with a flexible and customizable digital platform to record their clinical data.

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We also automated Yemaachi’s digital Location Manager, automating their sample and material tracking, so they can maintain full chain of custody and comply with regulatory requirements.

“We needed a platform to manage our ever growing database of genomic and clinical data. We chose Scispot because they are really responsive and helped us create the exact tools we need for our company.” Yaw Bediako, CEO and Co-Founder, Yemaachi Therapeutics
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