Helping scientists accelerate bioprocess development with their high-throughput bioreactor cloud lab.

Industry:  Biotechnology Research
No. of employees: 113

Get faster insights to make better, data-driven decisions.

Culture Biosciences believes biomanufacturing hardware and software tools should be faster, cheaper, and easier to use. They are helping accelerate bioprocess development with their high-throughput bioreactor cloud lab. Their platform allows you to design, monitor, and analyze high-throughput bioreactor experiments in their Cloud Lab from your laptop. While your experiment runs in their lab, you can monitor and analyze your data in real time using their online dashboard. Culture helps you gain insights faster, so you can make better data-driven decisions. By taking care of the experiment’s execution, Culture’s platform allows you to focus on the development processes.


Needed a method to optimize workflows
Culture Biosciences struggled with executing and updating media recipe protocols in a consistent manner as this was a tedious and time consuming task.
Difficulty managing inventory
Culture Biosciences needed a system where they could manage their inventory and keep track of orders.
Required a platform that understood their needs
Available platform solutions were too limited to suit Culture Biosciences cases. They needed a platform designed from the ground up for labs that would fulfill all of their needs.


Workflow Optimization
Executing and updating protocols has been made quick and easy by using Scispot's built-in template library to automate protocols. Culture Biosciences was able to standardize and streamline its media preparation recipes.
Inventory Management
Digitally managing their inventory has helped Culture Biosciences with keeping their lab organized and their inventory updated by automating orders.
All-in-one solution
Scispot provided a flexible platform that was easy to integrate with Culture Bioscience's use cases and fulfilled all of their needs.

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