A single cell analysis company leveraging visual AI to characterize cell behaviour

“The integrated location manager has been a game changer; it replicates everything in the lab to keep track of where things are stored. It also merged a combination of different lab sheets that are specific to samples and reagents, allowing them to get a sense of how everything’s placed in the lab. This also improved communication within the team by creating a more efficient flow of the lab processes.”

-  Lindsey Charley
Research Technician at CellChorus
Industry: Biotechnology CRO
No. of employees: 6

Using AI to help you understand which cells perform best and why

CellChorus is a single-cell technology company that applies AI to evaluate videos that simultaneously determines how individual cells move, behave, and interact. Scientists quantify the performance of thousands of immune cells to understand which candidates to move into clinical trials, to understand clinical response, and to maintain consistent manufacturing. CellChorus’ technology pushes biological discoveries with new hypotheses, new insights, and new ways of thinking about the cell. Their platform is broadly applicable across a variety of cell types and applications.


Lacked a platform to organize data
CellChorus’ data was scattered and needed a way to organize their spreadsheets and documents. They needed a centralized way to organize their experimental data in a system that was accessible and easy to use.
Needed a method to optimize workflows
Executing the same protocols was a repetitive task that was tedious and time consuming.
Required a digital system to manage inventory
CellChorus needed a system where they could digitally manage the location of their samples and inventory to keep track of them.


Data Optimization
Scispot's dynamic platform allowed CellChorus to easily document and organize their experimental data in one location.
Team Collaboration
Collaboration within the team was made efficient and handoffs made seamless by centralizing all of their data in one system.
Workflow Optimization
Executing protocols has been made quick and easy by using one of Scispot’s many structured templates.
Inventory Management
Integrating all the happenings of the lab by digitally managing the locations of inventory and samples has helped CellChorus keep their lab organized.
Sample Management
Using Labsheets, CellChorus is able to keep track of detailed information involving samples and reagents to monitor their life cycles to determine how long they are viable.

Manage and integrate all your chemistry workflows from compound registration, tracking, disposal to reporting all in one spot.

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