Developing technologies to bring cultivated meat products to the market

Industry: Cellular Agriculture
No. of employees: 4

Developing technologies that allow cultivated meat producers to scale

Micro Meat is Mexico’s first cultivated meat startup. It creates technologies for scaling up cultured and clean meat production and bringing these cultivated meat products to the market faster. Cultivated meat is normal meat based on animal cells, but the muscle tissue is grown in bioreactors instead of in animals. This is sustainable, healthier, and animal friendly. The industry is struggling to scale up production due to the complexity of multi-step biotechnological processes. Micro Meat’s goal is to increase global production and make cultivated meat accessible to all.


Lacked a platform to organize data
Micro Meat’s data was scattered and they needed a way to organize their experimental data, images, and tables.
Needed a method to optimize workflows
Micro Meat faced difficulty in executing and reproducing protocols as this repetitive task was tedious and time consuming.
Required a digital system to manage inventory
Micro Meat needed a system where they could digitally manage their inventory and make replenishing stock easy.
Required a platform that understood their needs
Micro Meat was using Notion which is not designed to be used by labs. They needed a platform which is designed for labs that would fulfill all of their needs.


Data Optimization
Scispot's dynamic platform allowed Micro Meat to easily document and organize their experimental data, images, and tables in one location.
Team Collaboration
Collaboration within the team was made efficient and handoffs made seamless by centralizing all of their data in one system.
Workflow Optimization
Executing and reproducing protocols has been made quick and easy by using Scispot's built-in template library to automate protocols and streamline the process.
Inventory Management
Digitally managing their inventory has helped Micro Meat with keeping their lab organized and their inventory updated.
Sheet Optimization
Labsheets have been designed to be used in life science labs, with features that integrate all the happenings of the lab in one location.

Manage and integrate all your chemistry workflows from compound registration, tracking, disposal to reporting all in one spot.

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