Persist AI along with Scispot: Streamlining Drug Development and Delivery with AI Automation

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Persist AI along with Scispot: Streamlining Drug Development and Delivery with AI Automation

In the world of pharmaceuticals, developing long-lasting drug injections for chronic diseases has traditionally been a time-consuming process. However, Persist AI, led by CEO Kartik, is revolutionizing this field through the power of AI-driven automation. By significantly reducing the drug development timeline and creating injections that can last from one day up to a year, Persist AI is making a profound impact on patients' lives. In this blog post, we'll explore how Persist AI leverages modern technology and utilizes the Scispot platform to streamline their workflow and empower their pharmaceutical partners.

Accelerating the Drug Development Timeline with AI Automation

Traditionally, the development of long-lasting drug injections took around five years. Persist AI's AI-driven automation has successfully reduced this timeline to just two years, marking a 50% reduction. This breakthrough allows patients to benefit from receiving a single injection per year, eliminating the need for frequent visits to the doctor. By harnessing the capabilities of AI and automation, Persist AI is revolutionizing the field of pharmaceuticals and improving patient experiences.

Scispot helps biotech companies shorten the drug development timeline by 50% with AI automation features.

Streamlining the Drug Development Pipeline

AI automation can streamline the drug development pipeline by significantly reducing manual tasks and accelerating various stages of the drug development process. Through machine learning algorithms, companies like Persist AI can quickly optimize laboratory processes, such as high-throughput screening, by autonomously conducting experiments and analyzing results, leading to faster and more efficient drug discovery. Overall, AI automation enables researchers to expedite the drug development timeline, saving time, resources, and ultimately improving the field of pharmaceuticals, as well as patient outcomes.

The Role of Scispot in Persist AI's Workflow

To achieve their ambitious goals, Persist AI relies on Scispot, a comprehensive platform that enables efficient data management and analysis. Persist AI's custom-designed robots perform various tasks, generating vast amounts of data that are seamlessly uploaded to the Scispot platform. This data is then stored, transformed, and analyzed using Scispot. With structured and unstructured data stored in a single accessible location, Scispot simplifies Persist AI's workflow and accelerates their scientific progress.

Managing Complex Data

Persist AI generates a multitude of data types, ranging from structured data to unstructured laboratory notes. Scispot's versatility accommodates both forms, offering a unified solution for data management. The laboratory notes/protocols, stored within Scispot’s Labspace, serve as a digital lab notebook, facilitating easy access and collaboration. Additionally, Scispot's Labsheets stores structured information, accessible through an API, transformed through Jupyter Hub, facilitating Persist AI’s workflows. This centralized approach ensures seamless data integration and allows for efficient analysis and experimentation.

Drug development and delivery has never been made easier than with Scispot! See how our platform makes your data AI and ML-ready for impactful visualizations and decision-making.

Expanding the Scope with Scispot

Scispot's capabilities extend beyond routine lab work for Persist AI. The platform plays a vital role in training their machine learning models by providing comprehensive data sets. Moreover, Persist AI utilizes Scispot as a client portal, granting pharmaceutical partners access to the data generated for their projects. This transparency fosters collaboration and enables clients to stay informed and actively participate in the drug development process.

Persist AI's innovative approach to long-lasting drug development is transforming the healthcare industry. By leveraging AI automation and harnessing the power of Scispot, Persist AI has successfully reduced development timelines, enhanced patient experiences, and improved overall efficiency. With continued advancements and the ability to streamline complex data management, Persist AI and Scispot are set to shape the future of pharmaceutical research and deliver life-changing treatments to those in need.

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