Scispot Empowers IndieBio Companies

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Scispot Empowers IndieBio Companies

We believe a bio revolution is on the horizon. Observing IndieBio companies in every batch reaffirms our conviction that the best days for humanity are yet to come. The future is bio-powered. As highlighted in a McKinsey report, biology is poised to produce 60% of the physical goods around us and bring cures to most known diseases. Joining forces with IndieBio in 2021 was a strategic decision for us, recognizing their support for some of the most ambitious and inspiring companies. This partnership provided IndieBio companies with special access to Scispot’s data infrastructure.

We are thrilled to announce that our initial partnership with IndieBio has led to numerous success stories within their portfolio. Many IndieBio companies have leveraged our special terms to establish the right digital foundation from day one with Scispot.

Operating as Digital Biotech (aka TechBio), these companies can now seamlessly connect their disparate data sources, paving the way for advanced data science and AI initiatives.

Notable Success Stories With IndieBio-backed companies:

QuantumCyte: QuantumCyte is revolutionizing tissue analysis with their advanced imaging and single-cell analysis technologies. Their breakthrough approach allows for unprecedented insights into cellular functions, paving the way for significant advancements in personalized medicine. Read more about QuantumCyte's latest achievements in their recent press release.

Puna Bio: Specializing in sustainable agriculture, Puna Bio is making strides in developing eco-friendly solutions for crop production. Their innovative use of biotechnology is not only enhancing crop yields but also contributing to more sustainable farming practices, addressing critical environmental challenges.

AnimalBiome: A leader in pet health, AnimalBiome offers unique insights into animal microbiomes. Their services are transforming pet care by providing personalized treatments based on gut health analysis, leading to better health outcomes and an improved understanding of animal wellness.

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