An AI integrated platform automating tissue dissection in modern pathology for better patient outcomes

Industry: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
No. of employees: 7

Automating next generation micro-dissection for molecular biology.

QuantumCyte applies machine learning and AI to automate tissue dissection in modern pathology. Its platform harnesses the power of AI for digital pathology to molecular analysis, to deliver precise & pure cellular data. The QuantumCyte platform enables better diagnostic results, especially for cancer patients. Growth of personalized medicine demands large amounts of molecular data, and QuantumCyte is looking to address this global demand with their ability to extract highly precise molecular data. Their technology is endorsed in both clinical and research markets for developing better patient outcomes.


Needed a method to standardize workflows
QuantumCyte faced difficulty in standardizing molecular pathology workflows.
Needed a method to optimize workflows
QuantumCyte struggled with executing repetitive protocols as this was a tedious and time consuming task.
Required a digital system to manage inventory
QuantumCyte needed a system where they could digitally manage the location of their lab inventory and samples, as well as the quantity of inventory to make replenishing stock easy.
Lacked an audit trail
QuantumCyte needed a set of records that would catalog activity and events for security purposes.


Sheet Optimization
Labsheets have been designed to be used in life science labs, with features that allow the standardization of molecular pathology workflows while maintaining a complete audit trail
Workflow Optimization
Executing and reproducing protocols has been made quick and easy by using Scispot's built-in template library to automate protocols.
Inventory Management
Integrating all the happenings of the lab by digitally managing the locations of inventory and samples has helped QuantumCyte keep their lab organized.
Sample Management
Using Labsheets, QuantumCyte is able to keep track of detailed information involving samples and reagents to monitor their life cycles to determine how long they are viable.

Manage and integrate all your chemistry workflows from compound registration, tracking, disposal to reporting all in one spot.

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