TechBio Developing Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Pet Microbiome Diseases

No. of employees: 50


Over the past couple of decades, we’ve come to realize how important the microbes that live in our gut are to our health. These microbes help digest our food but they also help to prevent disease. Many things, including dietary changes and antibiotic use, can throw our gut microbiome out of balance. This is called dysbiosis and is linked to many different diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, type 2 diabetes, allergic skin disease, and cancer. Gut dysbiosis can lead to the same chronic diseases in dogs and cats.

Animal Biome is a pet microbiome research company helping veterinarians and pet owners diagnose and treat microbiome problems in dogs and cats. Animal Biome has one of the largest dog and cat microbiome databases in the world, with data from more than 30,000 dogs and cats. They’ve also developed proprietary gut microbiome tests for dogs and cats that use DNA sequencing to identify the bacteria present in an animal’s gut. They then compare the results to their growing database to identify imbalances.

Once imbalances are identified, Animal Biome has a series of supplements to restore the microbiome balance in dogs and cats.

The Challenge

Animal Biome needed an integrated solution to automate inventory management and sales.

The Solution

Animal Biome chose Scispot for our completely configurable system and strong customer support. Scispot collaborated with Animal Biome and customized our platform to support and scale up their business. Scispot has integrated Shopify so Animal Biome can sell their products directly from their Scispot account. 

We also custom-made an API for Animal Biome to allow them to create surveys. 

The Scispot Quartzy integration has automated the order manager for Animal Biome. Now whenever an item falls below threshold, an order is automatically placed in Quartzy. Once that order is filled, the inventory level in Scispot is automatically updated and Animal Biome is notified. This saves the company many hours every week and makes sure they never run out of essential items.

“From the beginning, Scispot listened to our needs and helped us to build the digital tools we need to scale our company.” Holly Ganz, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder, Animal Biome.
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