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Scispot's Lab Operating System features a native alt-LIMS app, that combines LIMS features with a data lake and computational tools, explicitly designed for biotech companies at the forefront of data science and AI. Enjoy the ease of no-code configuration, data model templates and seamless integration with hundreds of scientific apps and instruments.

Speed up your lab operations with automated inventory and sample management.

Create lab databases easily with ready-made templates, customizable no-code options, or via API.

Ensure lab data integrity by monitoring versioning and logging activities in a knowledge graph, linking experiments, samples, and inventory.

Automate your lab instrument integration.

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Why Scispot? With our eln software you can efficiently streamline your research.

Design your custom lab databases in seconds

Set up your custom apps with automation workflows for lab inventory management, sample management and scientific data management.

Generate automated reporting for management, customers or regulatory agencies

Collate your captured data to automatically create custom reports for your management, customers, partners, or even regulatory agencies, including an annual report for USDA-APHIS Animal Care and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for your stakeholders.

LIMS software that automatically generates reports that captures research data.

Stay on top of your lab operations with a lab alert monitoring system

Ensure timely calibration & maintenance of your lab instruments, set expiration date reminders for samples, and never run out of lab reagents and supplies with a lab alert monitoring system.

Connect all your scientific apps and lab instruments in a single FAIR data cloud

Bring all your lab data into one place with Scispot GLUE, automating data handover, integration, transformation, and analysis.

Scispot has the best LIMS software that integrates with data other platforms.

Customer Testimonials

"Scispot is very easy to integrate into our current system. It provided us with some ready-to-use workflows for automatically recording inventory, executing media recipes, and tracking a lot of the things that we do here. This raises our quality of work to a whole new level."

Satshabad Khalsa
Engineering Manager, Culture Biosciences

"I’ve started relying on Scispot for my daily research planning and execution. Using it to design my experiment templates and store all of my result data has been a game-changer."

Gricelda Mendiola
Scientist, Micro Meat

"Scispot expands our digital footprint and helps us scale faster. It consolidates our company-wide operations and enhances the quality and efficiency of our science.”

John Butler
Founder & CEO, QuantumCyte
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