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Explore our Modern LIMS Software

Break free from outdated, inflexible LIMS that only get pricier as you grow. Our next-gen LIMS adapts with you, offering custom solutions that ensure your biotech scales seamlessly and affordably.

Sample Management

Lab scanning, sample registration, processing, integrating instrument data, analysis, or report generation Scispot LIMS is your go-to lab toolkit

Data Integrity

Ensure data integrity with built-in validation checks and audit trails, providing transparent documentation of every data entry, modification, and access within the system.

Inventory Management

Streamline lab workflows with automated inventory tracking. Link inventory to protocols, check out quantities post-step, and  restock critical supplies via Quartzy integration.

Instruments Integration

Scispot connects with 100+ 3rd-party apps (Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Hubspot, etc.) to bring all your data in one spot and automate your R&D workflows.

QC and Compliance

Scispot ensures data integrity and fosters research reproducibility electronic signatures, visible time stamps, audit trails, strict versioning, role-based access control.

Data Management

Access a unified biotech data lakehouse with scheduled updates from platforms like Benchling, ensuring data harmonization. Manage equipment booking & custom data visualization

Design your custom lab databases in seconds

Set up your custom apps with automation workflows for lab inventory management, sample management and scientific data management.

Generate automated reporting for management, customers or regulatory agencies

Collate your captured data to automatically create custom reports for your management, customers, partners, or even regulatory agencies, including an annual report for USDA-APHIS Animal Care and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for your stakeholders.

LIMS software that automatically generates reports that captures research data.
with the addition of a...
Template Library

Discover our vast collection of 100s of templates designed to accelerate your biotech research. Choose from protocols, experiments, inventory management, databases, integrations, automation scripts, and data visualization templates. Quickly jumpstart your projects, from experiment design to execution, analysis, and reporting, and turbocharge your research speed.

and an...
App Store

Unlock the full potential of Scispot OS with our diverse App Store. Access advanced native Scispot apps (e.g., Sequence Designer, ChemBoard, Analytics), third-party app integrations (Google Drive, Slack, Quartzy), and connectors such as Benchling and Labguru for seamless data extraction and auto-sync across multiple tools.

Stay on top of your lab operations with a lab alert monitoring system

Ensure timely calibration & maintenance of your lab instruments, set expiration date reminders for samples, and never run out of lab reagents and supplies with a lab alert monitoring system.

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your lab tools, workflows, and data with Scispot.

Explore Our Popular use Cases

Discover the diverse range of popular use cases where Scispot's powerful capabilities have made a significant impact in optimizing their R&D processes.
Inventory Automation
Cultivated Meat
Data Extraction
Drug Discovery
Genomics Analysis
High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Lab Animal Management
Proteomic Analysis

Streamline Your Lab Operations with Scispot OS: the all-in-one platform for biotech R&D.

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