Unleashing Biotech Innovations: 10 Venture-Backed Companies Pioneering CRISPR, ELISA, and NGS Technologies in DE - Newark

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Unleashing Biotech Innovations: 10 Venture-Backed Companies Pioneering CRISPR, ELISA, and NGS Technologies in DE - Newark

In the vibrant biotech landscape of DE - Newark, a cluster of innovative and venture-backed companies is pushing the boundaries of scientific research and development. Spearheading advancements in CRISPR Cas9, ELISA, and NGS technologies, these companies are revolutionizing diagnostics, drug discovery, and treatments. In this blog, we will dive into the cutting-edge work of 10 outstanding biotech companies that have earned recognition for their reliability, innovation, and commitment to improving human health.


CorriXR Therapeutics is spearheading the use of CRISPR technology to redefine oncology treatments. CRISPR is a powerful gene-editing tool that allows scientists to modify DNA sequences with high precision. CorriXR Therapeutics leverages this technology to develop innovative therapies for cancer patients. By targeting specific genetic mutations associated with cancer, CRISPR offers the potential for personalized and targeted interventions, revolutionizing the field of oncology and providing new hope for patients.


ACRO Biosystems is at the forefront of revolutionizing protein reagents for therapeutics and diagnostics using ELISA technology. ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is a widely used technique for detecting and quantifying proteins. ACRO Biosystems develops recombinant proteins and critical reagents that are essential for the development of therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. By providing high-quality and reliable protein reagents, ACRO Biosystems plays a crucial role in advancing research and facilitating the development of new treatments and diagnostic tools.

3. NGS:

Charles River Laboratories integrates next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies into preclinical research, empowering drug discovery efforts. NGS is a high-throughput DNA sequencing technology that enables the rapid and cost-effective analysis of entire genomes or specific DNA regions. Charles River Laboratories utilizes NGS technologies to enhance preclinical research, allowing for faster and more accurate assessments of potential drug candidates. By leveraging NGS, researchers can gain valuable insights into the genetic factors underlying diseases and develop more effective therapeutic strategies, ultimately improving the success rate of drug discovery and development processes.

CorriXR Therapeutics: Redefining Oncology Treatments with CRISPR

At the forefront of CRISPR technology, CorriXR Therapeutics is harnessing the power of gene editing to revolutionize oncology treatments. Their innovative CRISPR techniques hold promise for precise and targeted interventions in cancer therapy, opening new avenues of hope for patients.

ACRO Biosystems: Revolutionizing Protein Reagents for Therapeutics and Diagnostics

ACRO Biosystems is a trailblazer in producing recombinant proteins and critical reagents that drive the development of therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. Their dedication to quality and innovation makes them a go-to choice for researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

ANP Technologies: Shaping the Future of Biotech Reagents and Testing

ANP Technologies is a trusted name in immunogenicity testing, biotech reagents, and contract work. Their commitment to innovation and accuracy in biotech solutions makes them an indispensable partner for research institutions and companies seeking reliable, cutting-edge reagents.

Charles River Laboratories: Empowering Preclinical Research with NGS and Animal Models

As a leading provider of research animal models and preclinical research services, Charles River Laboratories plays a vital role in advancing drug discovery. Their integration of NGS technologies into preclinical research enables faster and more accurate assessments, paving the way for improved therapeutic development.

Foresee Pharmaceuticals: Elevating Drug Delivery Technologies to New Heights

Foresee Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing innovative drug delivery technologies to enhance the efficacy and safety of treatments. Their groundbreaking approaches hold immense potential for improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing drug delivery systems.

Gene Universal: Empowering Research with State-of-the-Art Gene Synthesis and NGS

Gene Universal's expertise lies in gene synthesis services, enabling researchers to access accurate DNA sequencing rapidly. Leveraging NGS technologies, Gene Universal streamlines genetic research, enabling breakthroughs in various scientific disciplines.

Hologic: Advancing Diagnostics and Imaging through NGS Technologies

Hologic is a leading diagnostics and imaging company that harnesses the power of NGS technologies to develop cutting-edge diagnostic solutions. Their commitment to innovation and precision has positioned them at the forefront of the diagnostic industry.

SDIX: Pioneering NGS-Based Diagnostics for Improved Patient Care

SDIX specializes in diagnostics, employing NGS technologies to develop advanced diagnostic tests. Their unwavering dedication to innovation and accuracy contributes to enhanced patient care through timely and accurate diagnoses.

Uvax Bio: Engineering the Future of Vaccine Delivery with Protein Nanoparticles

Uvax Bio focuses on developing single-component self-assembling protein nanoparticle vaccines, utilizing innovative techniques for targeted vaccine delivery. Their groundbreaking approach has the potential to transform the field of vaccine development and protect against infectious diseases.

Virion Therapeutics: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment through T Cell-Based Immunotherapies

Virion Therapeutics is a pioneering biotech company dedicated to revolutionizing cancer treatment through the development of T cell-based immunotherapies. By leveraging the power of the immune system, Virion Therapeutics aims to provide innovative and effective treatments for cancer patients. With their cutting-edge research and commitment to advancements in immunotherapy, they are reshaping the landscape of cancer care and offering hope to those in need.


In conclusion, these 10 venture-backed biotech companies in DE - Newark are driving advancements in CRISPR Cas9, ELISA, and NGS technologies, reshaping diagnostics, drug delivery, and therapeutics. Their pioneering approaches and commitment to innovation are improving human health and offering hope for patients.

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