Top 8 IndieBio Companies That are Creating Food for the Future

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Top 8 IndieBio Companies That are Creating Food for the Future

As the global population grows, the demand for meat and dairy products will continue to rise.

Lab-grown food offers a sustainable long-term solution to this growing need while ensuring the food looks, tastes, and feels like the 'real thing.'

Here are 8 IndieBio companies that are creating food for the future:


Located in New York, NotCo creates plant-based food products to replace animal-based foods without compromising taste. It uses coconut, cabbage, peas, chickpeas, bamboo, beets, etc., to replicate the texture, color and aroma of animal-based products.


New Age Meats

Located in Berkeley, CA, New Age Meats develops sustainable meat using animal cells and plant ingredients, thereby preventing animal slaughter. 


NewWave Foods

Located in Stamford, CT, NewWave Foods provides sustainable plant-based shrimp alternatives made from seaweed, natural flavors and soy proteins.


Sundial Foods

Located in Albany, CA, Sundial Foods provides sustainable alternatives to meat in the form of natural, plant-based meats that look, cook and taste like real chicken.



Located in San Francisco, CA, Lypid creates vegan oils designed to make vegan meat taste like the real thing. It's also developing a vegan animal fat replacement to elevate alternative proteins.


Prime Roots

Located in Berkeley, CA, Prime Roots produces plant-based products that serve as meat and seafood alternatives. These products offer meat eaters a protein-rich option that is delivered straight to the front door.


New Culture

Located in San Francisco, CA, New Culture in its labs has developed different varieties of cheeses using microbial fermentation as an animal-free alternative. New Culture is on its way to eliminate cows from the cheese-making process by developing a synthetic casein protein, an essential protein derived from cow's milk.


Finless Foods

Located in Emeryville, CA, Finless Founds produces real fish, meat and other seafood products using stem cells derived from living fish. This provides a sustainable option without an accompanying environmental destruction.

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