Top 8 Genome Editing CROs in North America

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Top 8 Genome Editing CROs in North America

Genome editing enables scientists to make changes to DNA, allowing them to understand gene function better and develop novel ways to treat diseases. It can be used to introduce, delete or correct any DNA sequence in many different types of cells and organisms.

Here are 8 of the top genome editing CROs in North America:

Applied StemCell (ASC)

Located in Milpitas, California, Applied StemCell aims to advance gene modification and stem cell innovation for the biotechnology industry. It offers optimized solutions for drug discovery, bioprocessing, and preclinical applications. Their primary focus areas are cell line generation for bioassays, physiologically predictive animal models of human diseases, and patient-relevant cell models for personalized medicine.


Located in Newbury Park, California, PNA Bio provides research products for CRISPR/Cas9 research Such as custom oligos, FISH probes, and miRNA inhibitors. The company also provides contract research services including engineered nuclease service including CRISPR/Cas9 nucleases (RGEN) synthesis, validation and Cas9 protein in addition to knock-out and knock-in cell line services.


Located in Mountain View, California, Cellecta offers genetic screening services to discover and characterize novel drug targets. These services include pooled lentiviral shRNA and CRISPR libraries, library screening and analysis by NGS (next-gen sequencing), targeted RNA-Seq for biomarker discovery, stable cDNA, shRNA, and CRISPR constructs isogenic cell lines.

Applied Biological Materials (abm)

Located in Richmond, British Columbia, Applied Biological Materials aims to be a  one-stop shop for all your research needs. Some of the services it provides are PCR, qPCR, siRNA,and CRISPR.

Synbio Technologies

Located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, Synbio Technologies uses a proprietary "Synotype" platform to allow easy translation between genotype and phenotype. Some of the services they offer include DNA synthesis, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, microbiology and pharmacogenomics.

Hera Biolabs

Located in Lexington, KY, Hera Biolabs is a preclinical CRO that offers developmental services for gene editing and rat model creation. It also offers its own developed proprietary technologies for cell line modification and animal model creation, along with performing cell engineering and in vitro and in vivo oncology studies.

Charles River

Located in Wilmington, MA, with sites worldwide, Charles River is one of the finest drug discovery and development service providers. It's the leading provider of animal models used for preclinical studies around the world. Some of the other services Charles River offers include biologics testing services, avian vaccine services, and services required to take a drug through the early development process

Creative Biolabs
Located in Shirley, NY, Creative Biolabs is a leader of recombinant antibody discovery and manufacturing. It provides custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services to early stage drug discovery and development companies.

Lab Management Software for Genome Editing CROs:

Scispot has become the primary lab management software of choice for numerous modern biotech companies, including genome editing CROs.

Scispot creates a connected digital replica of these innovative bioscience companies. It centralizes their company-wide data, templatizes routine research and automates non-scientific tasks. It makes other lab software such as electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and lab information management systems (LIMS) redundant.

Genome Editing CROs use Scispot's operating platform to manage their research projects, inventory, samples, and partners all in one spot. Request a demo to learn how you can accelerate your research using Scispot.

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