Top 8 Zebrafish CROs in the World

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Top 8 Zebrafish CROs in the World

Zebrafish have become increasingly important to scientific research. They have many characteristics that make them a valuable model for studying human diseases, such as being genetically similar to humans, producing lots of offspring, having a rapid growth cycle, providing a more economically viable alternative to mice, and many more.

Here are the top 8 zebrafish CROs in the world:

InVivo Biosystems

CEO - Matt Beaudet 

Located in the US, InVivo Biosystems creates custom genome-edited C. elegans and zebrafish models to enable aging and other disease studies used by researchers to perform phenotyping, toxicological assessment and drug screening.


CEO - Simone Calzolari 

Located in Barcelona, ZeClinics uses its proprietary platform to accelerate drug development using zebrafish. This platform performs high-throughput assays to test the safety and toxicity of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional compounds. 


CSO - Thomas Duguet

Located in Switzerland, INVENesis, provides R&D services for drug discovery to industrial and academic clients. It offers platforms to study electrophysiology on Xenopus oocytes and organism-based model organisms like zebrafish to accelerate drug development, and identify pheromones and biologics that have applications in parasitology and the pharma industry.


CEO, Co-founder & R&D Director - Arantza Muriana

Located in Spain, Biobide provides image analysis and automation services on multiple zebrafish models to test for drug toxicity. This helps the pharma, biotech, and cosmetic companies maximize productivity and minimize risks associated with developing their novel compounds.


Head of Scientific Innovations - Ben J.

Located in India, Pentagrit offers safety and efficacy screening services using zebrafish models. These models are used to conduct studies in oncology, gene therapy, inflammation, and neurology.


COO - Anna (Nilsson) Erkstam

Located in Sweden, Bioreperia creates innovative technologies to speed drug discovery and improve cancer patient diagnosis. Their first product uses xenograft zebrafish models to accelerate therapeutic efficacy evaluation through early "proof-of-concept" research in toxicology, oncology, and personalized cancer therapy. 

Creative Biogene

Head Of Research And Development - Wayne Zhang

Located in the US, Creative Biogene, offers a variety of zebrafish gene-editing services, including point mutations, knockouts, short insertions, gene knock-in, and conditional knock-in, among others. This is used to investigate gene function in the developing zebrafish, develop disease models, and target validate candidate genes

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services

CEO - Akhil Ravi

Located in India, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services provides zebrafish research models for drug discovery studies and screening of chemical compounds. These models are used to study compound efficacy, toxicity, and distribution at an early exploratory stage of drug discovery facilitating decision-making and early attrition. 

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