Top 5 Mass Spectrometry Service Providers in North America

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Top 5 Mass Spectrometry Service Providers in North America

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique used for accurately measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of different molecules within the sample.

You can use MS to identify molecules within a mixture, study protein-protein interaction, detect impurities within a sample, and perform various assays. Mass spectrometry requires expensive equipment and well-honed expertise to be done correctly, this is why many companies and institutes contact CROs and academic core labs to do their MS projects. 

Here are some of the best CROs and academic core labs for mass spectrometry in North America:

PhenoSwitch Bioscience

Located in Sherbrooke, Canada, PhenoSwitch Bioscience tops the list. Their fundamental belief is that mass spectrometry can accelerate and improve R&D while reducing costs, and should be easily accessible to everyone. They provide services like LC-MS, proteomics services, LC-MSMS, HPLC, lipidomics services, etc.

PhenoSwitch Bioscience uses Scispot to manage research projects, samples and inventory, all in one spot. With Scispot, PhenoSwitch templatizes its routine research, connects its company-wide data, and automates repetitive tasks.

Listen to the Talk is Biotech! episode with PhenoSwitch Bioscience CEO Hugo Gagnon to learn more about their mission and services.

Spectroscopy and Biophysics Core at the Redox Biology Center

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Spectroscopy and Biophysics Core aims to provide instrumentation, training, and support for experimental work involving biophysical and spectroscopic measurements. Their services can be extended to whole-cell assays and analysis of tissues.

Scripps Center for Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry

Located in La Jolla, California, the Center for Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry provides various routine and specialty services using a wide variety of approaches such as LC/MS, ESI, MALDI, and many more. They analyze a variety of compounds, including peptides, polymers, proteins, and carbohydrates.

RNA Epitranscriptomics & Proteomics Resource

Located in Rensselaer, New York, REPR excels in developing custom assays and providing services for the identification of proteins and characterization of biosimilars or protein complexes. These also offer essential laboratory services to many researchers at universities, companies, and governmental agencies.

Alliance Pharma

Located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Alliance Pharma excels in providing Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic (DMPK) services for small and large molecules. They specialize in metabolite and generic drug assays, cell-based assays, and Small molecule metabolite profiling and identification.

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