Top 30 Biotech Companies in Boston: From Biotech Startups to Scaleups

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Top 30 Biotech Companies in Boston: From Biotech Startups to Scaleups

Boston: The leading hub of innovation for biotech companies

Boston has established itself as a premier destination for biotech companies, with a vibrant ecosystem that fosters innovation and growth. The city's key strengths lie in its prestigious academic institutions like Harvard University and MIT, which fuel cutting-edge research and provide a talent pipeline for the biotech industry. The close collaboration between academia and industry drives knowledge exchange and breakthrough advancements.

Additionally, Boston offers a supportive investment landscape with access to venture capital and government support. The presence of a strong network of investors and favorable regulatory conditions enables biotech companies to secure the necessary funding for research and development, propelling the commercialization of novel therapies and technologies. The clustering effect of biotech companies in Boston further enhances the ecosystem, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships that accelerate innovation and drive collective success.

Overall, Boston's unique combination of renowned academic institutions, investment opportunities, and a collaborative environment positions it as a top choice for biotech companies. The city's ecosystem provides a fertile ground for cutting-edge research, talent acquisition, and the development of groundbreaking biotech initiatives, cementing its status as a leading hub for biotech companies in Boston.

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Top 30 biotech companies in Boston to watch out for in 2023

Click Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics develops and commercializes software as therapeutic treatments, influencing cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms. Their products, currently in development, are set to address major depression, schizophrenia, migraine, opioid use disorder, obesity, and other significant health conditions. They conduct rigorous clinical trials and regulatory processes, similar to traditional drugs and medical devices.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is dedicated to creating and distributing new medicines globally, with a significant presence in the United States. They focus on serious and chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and growth-hormone related disorders, aiming to make these medicines widely accessible. 


Gradient is a biotech research organization concentrating on public health concerns like toxicology, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, food safety, and air quality. They employ biological engineering principles to develop data-driven solutions and products aimed at enhancing public health.

Antios Therapeutics

Antios Therapeutics is on a mission to treat and potentially eliminate viral diseases such as Hepatitis B by developing innovative therapy options. Their experienced leadership team is working towards revolutionizing the treatment for such pervasive diseases.


Cellarity is a biotech company founded by Flagship Labs that is pioneering drug discovery by targeting cell behavior instead of individual proteins. With a focus on immuno-oncology, hematology, respiratory diseases, and metabolism, they aim to facilitate the faster discovery of medications. 

MoMa Therapeutics

MoMa Therapeutics seeks to leverage the power of molecular machines, enzymes that produce force and motion, to create more precise treatments. Backed by Third Rock Ventures, they are led by a team of experienced professionals in the biotech field.

Embark Veterinary

 Embark Veterinary specializes in dog DNA testing, offering comprehensive genetic screening tests that help dog owners understand their pet's health and behavior. They also conduct research in canine genetics and collaborate with veterinary schools.

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Scispot is becoming the go-to lab operating platform for biostartups in Boston Scispot combines the critical functionalities of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and lab information management systems (LIMS) into one user-intuitive platform and helps biotech startups accelerate their R&D and bring their scientific breakthroughs to market faster.

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Sophia Genetics 

SOPHiA GENETICS is a biotechnology company that seeks to assist healthcare practitioners by using the power of data-driven medicine to its fullest potential.

Path AI

PathAI is developing a technology that lets pathologists diagnose each patient quickly and precisely.


Podimetrics is a virtual care management organization whose goal is to stop dangerous and expensive diabetes amputations. Through agreements with payers and at-risk providers, such as the Veterans Health Administration, they offer our FDA-cleared SmartMatTM to high-risk patients.


Aetion offers life science enterprises and payers real-world evidence (RWE) and outcomes-based analytics solutions.

Reverie Labs

Using computation, Reverie Labs is creating a pharmaceutical company from scratch. Reverie Labs uses machine learning to optimize lead generation and accelerate preclinical drug development.


Biotech firm Tempus is developing the greatest library of molecular and clinical data in the world as well as an operating system to make the data available and useful.


Biofourmis is a biotech startup that uses digital pharmaceuticals to provide tailored care and therapies. In order to improve patient outcomes, the company finds, creates, and distributes scientifically validated software-based treatments. Personalized treatment can be provided by physicians using cutting-edge techniques, and payers can also use cost-effective alternatives.

Akili Interactive Labs

Akili Interactive Labs creates interactive VR experiences by fusing neuroscience understanding with gaming technology. These experiences are intended to aid in the treatment of cognitive problems and the development of therapies unique to the requirements of each patient. Their technology can support and treat people with ADHD, MDD, and ASD by giving them access to gamified technologies that can aid them with their attention problems and cognitive impairments.

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Ginko Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotech startup. It creates items for biological engineering and unique microorganisms for various markets. It creates, develops, tests, and licenses organisms through engineering. In tastes, sweeteners, cosmetic components, agricultural treatments, and medications, it finds compounds. It also produces libraries of chemicals and offers probiotic bacteria to shield the body from harmful illnesses. It supports the markets for probiotics, natural product development, carbon mitigation, and cultured components.


Emulate is a biotech startup that develops cutting-edge in vitro models for figuring out how illnesses, medications, pollutants, and foods affect people's health.


inviCRO is a biotech startup that provides complete tissue-to-human imaging, analysis, and data management services.

Pear Therapeutics

Pear Therapeutics is a digital therapeutics platform based on software that aims to improve the effectiveness of drugs while treating disease.

Juno Therapeutics

Juno Therapeutics is a clinical-stage startup that creates immunotherapies for the cure of cancer.

Wave Life Sciences

Wave Life Sciences is a genetic medicine company in the clinical stages that is dedicated to providing patients with life-altering therapies for fatal diseases.

Paratek Pharmaceuticals

Dedicated to the creation and marketing of cutting-edge treatments, Paratek Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical firm.


The biotechnology startup Akouos is dedicated to maintaining and repairing hearing. The company uses adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector-based gene therapy to restore and preserve hearing in genetically defined patient populations in a variety of forms, from a single genetic mutation to ototoxic drug exposure and the aging process, allowing the medical field to effectively treat sensorineural hearing loss.

Life Biosciences

Life Biosciences aims to increase human longevity by developing pharmaceuticals that address age-related diseases. Their approach targets the gradual breakdown of body functions with a holistic model, focusing on enhancing the overall quality and duration of life

WeGo Health

In order to provide more individuals with access to their therapies, WEGO Health collaborates with pharmaceutical firms and healthcare institutions. The business provides a platform modeled after an influencer that businesses can utilize to distribute their messages and promote their goods. With the use of their technology, companies may track user interaction and learn more about the perspectives and attitudes of patients in order to inform future research.

Adeo Health Science

Adeo Health Science is a biotech startup that sells organic foods. The company's purpose is to translate the most recent findings in food allergy prevention research into family-friendly, organic goods that can be trusted. 

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

For the treatment of severe disorders, Vertex Pharmaceuticals focuses on the discovery and development of small molecule medicines.


ElevateBio is a biotech startup that focuses on cell- and gene-based therapeutics.


Laronde creates a therapeutic platform based on eRNA that can identify various proteins throughout the body. It is long-lasting, non-immunogenic, repeatable, and flexible in terms of composition and distribution.

Neumora Therapeutics

As a clinical-stage biotechnology startup, Neumora Therapeutics is a leader in developing precision medications for brain disorders by fusing data science and neuroscience.

Tessera Therapeutics

Tessera Therapeutics is a biotech startup that specializes in a brand-new class of genetic drugs.

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With its Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development (ID4) platform, the pharmaceutical technology company XtalPi is revolutionizing how the industry conducts drug research and development. The ID4 platform gives pharmaceutical businesses the ability to improve their efficiency, accuracy, and success rate at crucial stages of medication R&D through the tightly interwoven use of quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, and high-performance cloud computing algorithms. XtalPi seeks to promote global health by quickening the pace of drug discovery and development.


Nirrin is a biotech startup that creates technologies for non-destructively monitoring real-time bioprocesses. It offers the biopharmaceutical and life science sectors better process control, quicker process development, and adaptive manufacturing.

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges is a market-leading infrastructure and data analytics business, which makes it possible to comprehend biomedical data.


IDRx is a biotech startup in the clinical stages that is committed to revolutionizing cancer treatment with carefully thought-out precision combination treatments.


Cellink is a biotech startup that has developed a bench-top bioprinter that is best suited for producing human tissues.

Orna Therapeutics

Orna Therapeutics is a biotech startup that focuses on fully designed circular RNA therapeutics to address various ailments.

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