Top 20 innovative female-founded biotech companies

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Top 20 innovative female-founded biotech companies

Some of the most innovative companies in today’s biotech industry are being led by women. Many of these women began their careers at Biotech companies before breaking out and starting their own.

At Scispot, we believe in equal representation at the top of the life science industry. That’s why we will feature more women leaders in our blogs and Talk is Biotech! Interviews who are creating a better future and inspiring the next generation.

Here is a list of 20 innovative women-founded biotech companies chosen by the Scispot team:


Katherine French - Founder & CEO

Located in Berkeley, California, BLUUMBIO develops bio-based remediation technology, which is designed to create plants and bacteria that aid in cleaning up pollution. This technology combines enzyme discovery, bacteria, and host engineering to create plants and bacteria that remove industrial contaminants from polluted sites.

1910 Genetics

Jen Nwankwo - Founder & CEO

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, 1910 Genetics uses its drug discovery platform to accelerate the creation of small molecules and protein therapeutics. Currently, they have two drug discovery engines - ELVIS™ and ROSALYND™ - that design both small molecule and protein therapeutics.

Talus Bio

Lindsay Pino - Co-Founder

Located in Seattle, Washington, Talus Bio uses its proprietary drug discovery platform to read what transcription factors bind to DNA. They use this information to develop drugs that can help switch-off cancer-causing genes and switch-on genes that would rejuvenate the immune system.

Kraken Sense

Nisha Sarveswaran - Co-Founder & CEO

Located in Mississauga, Canada, Kraken Sense, uses it's pathogen detection platform to detect bacterial contamination in real-time and provide large-scale testing to food and water systems. 

Parallel Bio

Juliana Hilliard - Co-Founder & CSO at Parallel Bio

Located in Los Angeles, California, Parallel Bio accelerates the discovery of cell therapies, immunotherapies, and antibody therapies intended to change the way we cure diseases.


Gabriela Gutiérrez - Founder

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, Microgenesis offers a non-invasive test that can detect an imbalance of the vaginal and intestinal microbiome, leading to inflammation in women struggling to conceive. Microgenesis offers tools and advice to treat this imbalance and helps women tackle infertility.

Micro Meat

Anne-Sophie Mertgen‍ - Founder & CEO

Located in Monterrey, Micro Meat is Mexico's first cultivated meat startup. It creates technologies for scaling up cultured and clean meat production to speed upbringing these cultivated meat products to the market. This company uses to manage its research and operational workflows. 

Prellis Biologics

Melanie Matheu - Founder & CEO

Located in Hayward, California, Prellis Biologics uses 3D printing technology to build human tissue scaffolds to eliminate the waitlist for organ transplants and accelerate the development of vital drug therapies.

Prellis utilizes its proprietary holographic printing technology for their Externalized Immune System (EXIS™) antibody discovery platform that mimics the human immune system in vitro, reducing discovery and lead identification time.


Dr Poulami Chaudhuri - Co-Founder & CEO

Located in New York, Helex develops and delivers Guide RNA (gRNA) therapy using it's proprietary genomics data to companies working on advancing CRISPR-based therapeutics.


Irina Miller - Co-Founder & CEO

Located in London, UK, Kutanios develops biodegradable molecules for anti-aging skincare, anti-acne, and skin cleansing products. These products are intended to help prevent damage caused by the sun. 


Phuong Jean Pham - Co-Founder 

Located in Medford, Massachusetts, Cellens develops scanning technology that helps oncologists detect bladder cancer in a non-invasive way. Using machine learning modeling and atomic force microscopy imaging, the company's technology is able to provide a diagnostic score for bladder cancer by quantifying biomarkers on cells extracted from urine.

Dorian Therapeutics

Maddalena Adorno - Co-Founder & CEO

Located in San Carlos, California Dorian Therapeutics develops therapeutics intended to rejuvenate your cells and tissues. Their novel therapeutics are called senoblockers, and serve a dual function; they block senescence while activating the regeneration capacity of cells and tissues. 


Sònia Hurtado - Co-Founder & CSO

Located in San Francisco, California, Kuleana produces plant-based seafood that mimics the real seafood options in terms of texture and taste. This plant-based seafood offers a sustainable seafood option without any of the harmful environmental consequences.

Dahlia Biosciences

Un Kwon-Casado - Co-Founder & CEO

Located in South San Francisco, California, Dahlia Bioscience uses CRISPR-Cas9 technology to detect multiple DNA and RNA biomarkers in cells, helping scientists isolate cells and further precision medicine research.

Spero Foods

Phäedra Randolph - Founder & CEO 

Located in Oakland, California, Spero Food produces cheese and eggs made from plants that are sustainable, low cost, and nutritious. 

Rebellyous Foods

Christie Lagally - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Located in Seattle, Washington, Rebellyous Foods produces plant-based meat to serve the foodservice industry on a large scale. This plant-based meat is packed with proteins and other nutrients and serves as a delicious alternative to the real thing.

Prime Roots

Kimberlie Le - Co-Founder & CEO

Located in Berkeley, CA, Prime Roots produces plant-based products that serve as meat and seafood alternatives. These products offer meat-eaters a protein-rich option delivered straight to the front door.

Verge Genomics

Alice Zhang - Co-Founder & CEO 

Located in San Francisco, California, Verge Genomics uses its proprietary drug discovery platform to develop new therapeutics designed for neurological diseases. The platform can analyze large datasets, identify new drug targets, and predict effective drugs.

64x Bio

Alexis Rovner - Co-Founder & CEO 

Located in San Francisco, California, 64x Bio uses its proprietary genome engineering platform to create optimized cell lines for the manufacturing of viral vectors which would otherwise be unattainable. This enables the production of functionalized proteins with diverse chemistry.

Shiok Meats

Sandhya Sriram - Co-Founder, Group CEO & Chairman

Located in Singapore, Shiok Meats produces cell-based meat and seafood as an alternative to traditional meat products. This cell-based approach lets customers enjoy a meat-alternative that has the same taste, texture, and additional nutrients as the real thing.

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