Top 15 CRISPR Companies in the US that are making the Biggest Impact on Gene Engineering in 2022

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Top 15 CRISPR Companies in the US that are making the Biggest Impact on Gene Engineering in 2022

The revolution of CRISPR and the endless possibilities surrounding gene engineering technology

In the realm of gene engineering, the discovery of CRISPR technology has revolutionized the field by offering unprecedented precision and efficiency. CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a powerful gene editing tool that enables scientists to modify specific genes with remarkable accuracy. By using CRISPR-associated proteins, such as Cas9, researchers can target specific DNA sequences and make precise edits, deletions, or insertions. This has opened up new possibilities for understanding gene functions, studying genetic diseases, and potentially developing innovative therapies. The versatility and accessibility of CRISPR technology have democratized gene engineering, allowing researchers worldwide to explore the intricacies of the genome and accelerate advancements in various disciplines, ranging from fundamental research to personalized medicine. The continuous refinement and expansion of gene engineering techniques like CRISPR hold tremendous potential for unlocking new frontiers in scientific discovery and revolutionizing the treatment of genetic disorders.

CRISPR market trends

The CRISPR market has experienced remarkable growth, fueled by substantial investments in CRISPR companies. As of June 2020, more than USD 3.2 billion has been invested in these companies, reflecting the immense confidence and financial backing in this emerging sector. The discovery of CRISPR gene editing technology has revolutionized biotechnology, offering precise gene editing capabilities with vast applications in therapeutics, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology.

The market's expansion is driven by a race among pharmaceutical companies and CRISPR companies to develop innovative therapies and products. Collaborations and strategic partnerships are forming to accelerate research and development efforts. Intellectual property filings related to CRISPR are also on the rise, highlighting the efforts to protect and capitalize on this transformative technology. With ongoing advancements and increasing applications, the CRISPR market is poised for further growth and holds tremendous potential for addressing genetic diseases, enhancing agricultural productivity, and driving innovation across various industries worldwide.

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The top 15 CRISPR companies in the US that you should know about

Verve Therapeutics

CSO/CMO - Andrew Bellinger

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Verve Therapeutics, is revolutionizing cardiovascular disease treatment by moving away from long-term maintenance and single-course gene-editing therapies. Its initial research focuses on PCSK9 and ANGPTL3, two genes that control blood lipid levels.


President and CEO - Paul Sekhri

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, eGenesis has developed a gene editing and genome engineering platform to transform the treatment of critical diseases through solid organ and therapeutic cell transplantation.

Intellia Therapeutics

CSO - Laura Sepp-Lorenzino

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Intellia Therapeutics' goal is to produce exclusive CRISPR/Cas9-based therapies with the potential to be curative. Its pipeline comprises in vivo and ex vivo development projects for genetic illnesses such as transthyretin amyloidosis and hereditary angioedema and ex vivo initiatives for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Editas Medicine

EVP and CBO - Bruce Eaton

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Editas Medicine focuses on repairing disease-causing genes in patients with genetically determined disorders. It has developed CRISPR/Cas9 technology which uses a protein-RNA (ribonucleic acid) complex that consists of the Cas9 enzyme attached to a guide RNA molecule that recognises a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequence in need of repair.

Caribou Biosciences

CSO - Steven Kanner

Located in Berkeley, California, Caribou Biosciences develops next-generation genome-edited cell therapeutics using its innovative CRISPR platform aimed at improving the lives of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.


CTO - Michael Graige

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Inscripta has developed gene-editing technology intended to make scalable digital genome engineering. The company's technology allows researchers to easily design, manufacture, analyze, and evaluate results by generating low-cost libraries of thousands of designer protein, pathway, or genome variants with trackable mutations.


Director Of Business Development - Scott Pattison 

Located in Menlo Park, California, Synthego has developed a precision genome engineering platform to speed up and improve drug discovery research. By incorporating informatics and machine learning, Synthego provides genome engineering accuracy and automation, enabling scientists to conduct cost-effective research.


CSO - Catherine Feuillet 

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Inari has developed a plant breeding platform with the goal of creating a new, more sustainable food system. By combining predictive design and advanced multiplex gene editing, Inari helps farmers grow sustainable crops effectively.


Chairman & CEO - Andre Watson

Located in San Francisco, California, Ligandal has developed nanomedicine therapies to cure gene-related disorders by combining gene editing technologies with non-viral nano-carriers. Some of Ligandal's therapies include peptide-based gene therapy, immunotherapy, gene editing, regenerative medicine, and advanced antidote-vaccine technology.

CRISPR Therapeutics

CEO - Samarth Kulkarni

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CRISPR Therapeutics specializes in developing CRISPR/Cas9-based therapeutics. Beta-thalassemia and sickle cell disease —two diseases with a significant unmet medical need —are the focus of the company's advanced studies.

Mammoth Biosciences

COO - Ted Tisch

Located in Brisbane, California, Mammoth Biosciences has developed a CRISPR-based illness detection platform that aims to make disease detection more accessible. This platform offers affordable point-of-need tests for the rapid and simultaneous identification of many conditions, enabling healthcare workers to have access to a reliable molecular diagnostic platform.

Poseida Therapeutics

CEO and Director - Mark Gergen

Located in San Diego, California, Poseida Therapeutics develops life-saving therapeutics using non-viral gene engineering technologies for patients with severe and unmet medical needs. Its current pipeline consists of autologous and allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cells as well as CAR-T candidates to treat solid tumors and hematological malignancies

Beam Therapeutics

President and CSO - Giuseppe Ciaramella

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Beam Therapeutics creates genetic therapeutics using its base editing technology. This approach allows the development of a new class of genetic medications that target a single base in the genome without causing a double-stranded DNA break. 


CTO - Ryan Rapp

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Pairwise has developed an agricultural platform that focuses on leveraging natural variety in agricultural crops through gene editing. The platform combines agriculture and technology to address food shortages and help farmers focus on nutrition. 

Sherlock Biosciences

President and CEO - Bryan Dechairo

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Sherlock Biosciences develops a new generation of molecular diagnostics that utilizes engineering biology tools, including CRISPR and synthetic biology. This enables health care workers to provide rapid, affordable, and accurate results for a wide range of needs in nearly any situation.

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