Talk is Biotech! with Guillaume Leboucher

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Talk is Biotech! with Guillaume Leboucher

Guru sat down with Guillaume Leboucher, CEO at Labtoo, to talk about all things outsourcing including the need for outsourcing, how does Labtoo help fulfil this need, some quick tips to know when outsourcing and much more.

Need for outsourcing partners like Labtoo

Guillaume tells us that we need outsourcing partners like Labtoo when companies don’t have a particular technology integrated into their labs and when they don’t have time to do the project.

How does Labtoo help find outsourcing partners for their customers?

When a customer expresses interest in outsourcing a project, Labtoo makes sure they understand all aspects of the project both generally and scientifically. They ask questions relating to the project’s timeline budget, any other services that are required to make sure they can find the best partners for their customers.

Things to keep in mind before outsourcing R&D projects

Before outsourcing any R&D projects, Guillaume suggests that customers should spend time making sure that the potential company can successfully complete their project and then challenge them on the time and money needed to reach completion in order to get the best deal out of it. 

Outsourcing tip 1 - Always ask for a timetable or schedule of the study

Guillaume tells us that after the service contract, having a timetable for the outsourcing study is very handy to have so you can easily refer to it and make sure everything is on track.

Outsourcing tip 2 - Always ask for more details when it comes to creating a report

When generating a report for an outsourcing study, everything has to be compiled immaculately. The company that needs the report will show the full report at some stage so everything needs to be spot-on. Guillaume tells us that it is beneficial to ask for more details from the customers so their report is created according to their preferred criteria.

Outsourcing trends for the future

Guillaume asserts that the animal models are still very important to the R&D process, so they aren't going anywhere for a while. The ex-vivo models such as complex matrices are fantastic to work with, but are just not as effective as animal models. Secondly, we are seeing and will continue to see an emergence of testing done directly on human cells as cell culture technologies improve.

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