Scispot integrates with Quartzy so biostartups can automate lab product re-ordering

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Scispot integrates with Quartzy so biostartups can automate lab product re-ordering

Product re-ordering can be a headache for biostartups. Many electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) do not talk to product inventory ordering systems. This makes it almost impossible for biostartups to connect lab inventory with ordering and experiment execution.


To change that, Scispot has partnered with Quartzy, a leading scientific research supply marketplace used by more than 28,000 labs. Quarty’s cloud-based platform allows researchers to submit an order request and track orders from any web-connected device.


"With Quartzy's connected lab platform scientists and lab managers can reach their eureka moment faster by centralizing lab management processes, improving operations efficiency, and reducing time to discovery. We've taken this one step further with our Scispot partnership",  said Adam Regelmann, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Quartzy.


Now biostartups can automatically sync inventory items in Quartzy to Scispot’s Materials Manager. Startups can then use Scispot to create an order request in Quartzy or set up automated re-ordering if the quantity of an item falls below a specified threshold. Scispot also notifies users when reagents are running low.


“At Scispot, our goal is to simplify and integrate lab management for biostartups, saving time and getting products to market faster,” said Satya Singh, co-founder & President, Scispot. “Our partnership with Quartzy allows labs to integrate and automate management of experimental workflows and inventory all in one spot.”


With Scispot and Quartzy, labs no longer have to worry about unexpectedly running out of reagents or wasting time re-ordering items. Instead, companies can automate inventory management and track their orders with just a couple of clicks.


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Read more about the partnership in the press release here

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