Dr. Sarah Warren Joins Scispot’s Advisory Board

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Dr. Sarah Warren Joins Scispot’s Advisory Board

We're excited to announce that Dr. Sarah Warren has joined us as a new Scientific Advisor. With her current role as the Senior Director of Business Development - Cell Therapy Search and Evaluation at Gilead Sciences, Dr. Warren brings a depth of knowledge and experience that is not only impressive but immensely valuable to our team here at Scispot.

Scispot’s entry into big pharma

As we go through an exciting phase of growth, Dr. Warren's expertise will be instrumental in expanding our innovative offerings to larger pharmaceutical companies. With her help, we're poised to transform R&D processes, making them more efficient and effective, especially as we focus on enhancing lab interoperability and preparing data for AI applications. This marks a new chapter for us, one where we aim to accelerate the development of life-saving drugs significantly.

Dr. Warren expertise and Scispot’s mission

Dr. Warren's rich background in immunology research and her experience in pharma business development align perfectly with our mission. We have always strived to be at the forefront of product innovation and refining go-to-market strategies. Our platform has already empowered hundreds of biotechs to adopt digital biology practices, featuring automated workflows and interconnected data. With Dr. Warren's guidance, we will continue to deliver solutions that streamline workflows and prepare data for AI, reinforcing our position as an essential tool for the biotech industry.

Strategic addition to the Scispot team

Dr. Warren expressed that joining Scispot feels like a natural progression in her career due to her passion for biotech and the digital transformation of drug development. She is eager to contribute to Scispot's mission of innovating products and expanding business operations to accelerate the drug development process.

Our Founder & CEO, Guru Singh, shared his thoughts, highlighting that Dr. Warren's combination of biotech expertise and strategic business insight is precisely what the company needs at this stage of its journey. He is confident that her contributions will greatly benefit both the product and business strategy, further accelerating the company's growth.

Way ahead

Dr. Warren's addition to our Advisory Board is an important milestone for us, marking a step forward in our commitment to integrating advanced AI and data science in biotech R&D. Her strategic vision and extensive experience are expected to lead to substantial advancements in our platform and services.

As we look to the future, we plan to welcome even more industry leaders to our Advisory Board. This initiative reflects our ongoing growth and our unwavering commitment to bridging biology with technology, all in service of advancing biotech and pharma research and development.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in biotech with the help of Dr. Warren and future Advisory Board members.

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