10 Innovative Black-Founded Biotech Companies

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10 Innovative Black-Founded Biotech Companies

The black community is growing and their contributions to this field are significant but underappreciated. We at Scispot believe in equal representation in the bioeconomy and want to support and promote greater diversity in this industry through our blogs and interviews.

Below are 11 innovative black-founded companies chosen by the Scispot team that are helping to lead the world towards a promising future. 

Polaris Genomics

Founders: Charles Cathlin, Tshaka Cunningham

Located in Rockville, Maryland, Polaris Genomics develops therapeutics intended to treat PTSD. By using genomic assays combined with behavioral risk data, the Polaris team is able to create a comprehensive profile of an individual. This enables clinicians to assess a person's risk of experiencing PTSD-related symptoms.

Felix Biotechnology

Founders: Paul Turner, Robert McBride, Vivek Mutalik

Located in San Francisco, California, Felix Biotechnology designs therapeutics to treat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. 

1910 Genetics

Founder: Jen Nwankwo 

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, 1910 Genetics uses its drug discovery platform to accelerate the creation of small molecules and protein therapeutics. Currently, they have two drug discovery engines - ELVIS™ and ROSALYND™ - that design both small molecule and protein therapeutics.


Founders: Carolyn Edelstein, Majdi Osman

Located in Medford, Massachusetts, OpenBiome is a non-profit startup that provides clinicians access to fecal transplants and accelerates microbiome research in the process. It makes Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) safer and easily available.

Yeemachi Biotech

Founders: Yaw Bediako, Yaw Attua-Afari, David Hutchful, Joyce Ngoi

Located in Ghana, Yemaachi Biotech uses a cancer detection platform to revolutionize how cancer is treated in Africa. They use immunogenomics, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to facilitate the development of cancer detection and its treatment procedures with the goal of lowering the economic burden on patients.

Aja Labs

Founders: Suna Lumeh, Mary Ellen Moore, Osahon Ojeaga

Located in Houston Texas, Aja Labs creates plant based fibers that look and feel like human hair. Their mission is to eliminate the usage of plastic based fibers or human hair which is currently standard in the production of hair extensions.

Thrive, An Exact Sciences Company

Founder: Isaac Kinde

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Thrive, An Exact Sciences Company is developing a blood-based test designed to detect multiple types of cancer at early stages. It is also developing a platform to help patients and their families navigate the complex and difficult journey following a cancer diagnosis.


Founder: Abasi Ene-Obong, Ogochukwu Francis Osifo

Located in Nigeria, 54Gene uses its proprietary gene testing platform to further the understanding of the human genome. Less than 3% of the genomics data present today represents African populations. 54Gene aims to bridge this gap and provide precision medicine for the African population. It also provides molecular diagnostic services and genetic testing for physicians and patients.


Founder: Temiloluwa Adeniyi

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Nopneu is an in-development tool that can diagnose pneumonia at a fraction of the cost of the currently available methods


Founders: Hemmel Amrania, Chris Phillips

Located in London, United Kingdom, Digistain has developed an imaging platform that uses mid-infrared imaging technology to detect cancer. This is intended to eliminate the excessive and harmful use of cancer chemotherapy and helps doctors detect cancer at an early stage, making this a cost-effective approach as well. 

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