Scispot for Biologics Drug-Discovery

Simplify large molecule analysis and drug discovery online with Scispot.

Register and track your biologics formulation, sequence your DNA/RNA/oligonucleotide using our Sequence Designer, design/visualize your nucleotide/nucleoside/amino acids/metabolites using our ChemBoard™, record and track your HTS (High Throughput Screening) and drug discovery workflows, and more.

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Features and Integrations Specifically Designed for Biologics Drug Discovery

Sequence Designing

Analyze your genetic information using our sequence analysis viewer- Sequence Designer for genetic engineering. Our DNA/RNA/oligo Sequence Designer is integrated with advanced digital ELN and LIMS- Labspace, and Labsheets, to help you take advantage of your drug discovery workflow.

Biologics Registration

Register your DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, protein, metabolites, cells, and tissues along with the metadata in our Labsheet. Registering from ELN is also  enabled. Bulk registration supported through CSV, Google Sheets, and more. Create flags, alerts and utilize different views, filters, and sorting options to query uniqueness from your huge databases.

Assay Flow

Plan and record your complex drug discovery workflows in our ELN ranging from small molecule analysis, protein design, biologics formulations to molecular biology techniques like PCR, Transformation, ADME analysis like-solubility, permeability assay, and more. Scispot’s digital science notebook is compatible for HTS screening with features like validation and collaboration.
Scispot, as an extensive tech stack, integrates with hundreds of different parties

Biologics Drug-Discovery Integrations

Integration with Quartzy, Jupyter notebook, Graph Pad Prism, SnapGene, and more for easy  assay informatics tracking, progress and  drug discovery workflow analysis. 

Chemistry Simulation

Visualize your nucleotides/ nucleosides of DNA/RNA and amino acid structure of your protein using Scispot’s digital Chemistry analyzer- ChemBoard. ChemBoard facilitates your small molecule analysis, converts your MOL, InChI, SMILES to structure, and enhances your workflow informatics. We are also offering Structure Standardization along with CIP (Cahn-Ingold-Prelog) rules.

With Scispot, you can

  • Support HTS screening with data integration from Labsheets - digital LIMS, Google Drive, and other file formats.
  • Easily integrate images into your advanced digital science notebook Labspace. Allowing tracking, planning and visualization of your protocols/experiments.
  • Templatize routine assays to save your time and eliminate human error.
  • Create different batches for your Biologics along with a unique ID, with our bulk data integration system.
  • Use our advanced LIMS to set up customized Labsheets to manage and analyze sequences. Visualize the molecular structure of your DNA, RNA, protein, metabolites, cells, and tissue samples
  • Visualize and manage multiple R&D projects with real-time progress tracking. Assign tasks to your team members, and enjoy collaboration.
  • Automate lab inventory and order management.
  • Share data and metadata with Datarooms and manage your metadata in Labsheets
  • Create alerts, flags, and many other filtering/sorting options
  • Easy visualization and tracking of location using multi-layered Location Manager

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“We are a growing TechBio company so we need flexible solutions to manage our data and metadata. With Scispot, we could build our proteomics sample manager to do exactly what we need.”
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