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Optimize your lab's efficiency with Scispot's Lab Operating System, featuring a state-of-the-art SDMS. Designed for seamless integration with a wide range of lab instruments, it offers a structured data model and an intuitive no-code configuration. Perfect for data-driven labs seeking streamlined instrument management and enhanced data analysis.
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Connect your instrument data with LIMS.

Easily connect your flat files from excel to PDF with your structured data.

Connect your plate data with experiment metadata.

Build your scientific ontologies graphically.

Establish data integrity and complete chain of custody.

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Why Scispot? With our eln software you can efficiently streamline your research.

Connect your instrument data with your plate and experiments

Scispot SDMS carefully store data from lab instruments in an organized and detailed manner. Unlike traditional systems that handle structured data, Scispot excel in managing unstructured data ranging from EDS, PDFs to complex CSVs. This flexibility is crucial for managing various types of data in labs. It allows for connecting instrument data with LIMS and linking plate data with instrument data.

Integrate SDMS in everyday Lab Operations

Imagine seamlessly connecting your lab instruments with your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), ensuring data integrity and efficient workflow.

Experience truly collaborative data flow using Scispot Scientific Data Management System

One of the standout features of Scispot SDMS is its ability to facilitate collaboration. Whether you're looking to connect your plate data with instrument data or share findings with colleagues across the globe, SDMS bridges the gap.

Use Scispot as your scientific staging lakehouse

Our platform Scispot connects with hundreds of 3rd-party apps (Google Drive, OneDrive, Slack,, etc.) and computational tools (Jupyter Notebook, R Studio, GPT-4, etc.) Scientists can pre-process, and post-process data using Scispot's scientific staging lakehouse before storing the data in your data lake.  

Customer Testimonials

"Scispot is very easy to integrate into our current system. It provided us with some ready-to-use workflows for automatically recording inventory, executing media recipes, and tracking a lot of the things that we do here. This raises our quality of work to a whole new level."

Satshabad Khalsa
Engineering Manager, Culture Biosciences

"I’ve started relying on Scispot for my daily research planning and execution. Using it to design my experiment templates and store all of my result data has been a game-changer."

Gricelda Mendiola
Scientist, Micro Meat

"Scispot expands our digital footprint and helps us scale faster. It consolidates our company-wide operations and enhances the quality and efficiency of our science.”

John Butler
Founder & CEO,

"I highly recommend Scispot ELN to others, particularly to those in dry labs. Its API-first design enables seamless integration with productivity apps like and analytics tools such as GraphPad Prism, enhancing our workflow and efficiency."

Tristan Eve
CTO, Chemify

FAQs on modern SDMS

Q. What is a Scientific Data Management System?

A. An SDMS is a digital tool in labs. It organizes and analyzes data. Think of it like 'Plaid for Bio,' but for lab data.

Q. How Does SDMS Connect Instruments to ELN?

A. SDMS links lab tools to your ELN. This means data moves directly and accurately from tools to your notebook. This is often established using APIs or local agents that transfer data from Instrument to Cloud.

Q. Can SDMS Connect Data to LIMS?

A. Modern SDMS connects your data to LIMS. This means that unstructured data from instruments is processed to connect with your structured data in LIMS. Unique identifiers such as UUIDs play an important role for such connections.

Q. Does SDMS Link Plate and Instrument Data?

A. SDMS offer digital plates functionality that lets you connect your plate ID with each run output you receive from the instrument. The process of integration is usually semi-automated with an ability to use .EDS (Electronic Data Sheet File) as an interface between your cloud native digital solution and instruments.

Scispot is a configurable SDMS that establishes data integrity and a complete chain of custody while connecting instruments with plates and experiment data.

- Chris Patto, CSO of an AI Drug Discovery Company

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