Scispot vs. Benchling

Learn why modern biotech startups are choosing Scispot



Rapid implementation in 1-2 weeks

Implementation can take up to 6 months due to outsourcing, or may involve costly professional services

Cost Efficiency

Competitive starting price; cost decreases as seats increase

Starts at a higher base price; cost increases as they scale; professional services can be expensive

Notebook & Rule-Based Workflows

Configurable rule-based workflow design and execution

Rigid and complicated workflows

‍Customer Suppor

Direct access to Scispot leadership, resident scientists and engineers.

Junior sales and customer reps; less personalized engagement


Implementation Time

Size & Focus

Focus on modern biotech and CRO startups and scaleups

Focus on big pharma


Highly customizable; entire workflow is templatized for ease of use

Rigid; less user-intuitive; high learning curve

Built-in Workflows

Comprehensive built-in workflows tailored for client needs

Lacks specific built-in solutions; will cover most needs through professional services, likely at a high cost

Registries & Inventory

Adaptable and tailored to your use cases

Rigid; less adaptable to specific needs

Benchling is one of the most well-established companies in the life science software space. Their product was originally designed as a plasmid editor in 2012 for academic labs, and their focus has been on large molecule biology research labs at biotech and pharma giants.

Benchling is good for molecular biology teams with deep pockets in big pharma and biotech. Benchling’s product is slightly too rigid and complicated for smaller biotech companies. They lack many essentials expected from biotech startups, such as affordability when you scale, ease of use, configuration, and integration support. Scispot, on the other hand, exclusively focuses on life science startups and scaleups and works collaboratively with your team to ensure you are set up for success and ready to scale your company.

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Below are some of the critical differences between Scispot and Benchling.

No-Code Configurability and custom support

One of the most significant differences between Scispot and Benchling is the level of configuration and ease of use. Benchling is rigid since it was not designed originally to be an ELN or LIMS. We heard from their former customers that they had to contact customer support to request minor changes, and it can take weeks or months to have someone even address your requests.

Scispot was consciously designed from the ground up to make everything configurable without using any code. Scispot personalizes your account by setting up your templates for your repeatable protocols, SOPs, project manager, inventory manager, location units, multi-well plates, alerts, and more to make onboarding as easy as possible for you. The Scispot platform feels like your own from the moment you log in.

Create data dictionaries in Scispot's tech stack for modern biotech laboratories
FDA 21 CFR PART 11HIPAA CompliantPCI DSS CompliantGDPR Compliant


Both Scispot and Benchling are 21 CFR Part 11 and SOC2 compliant. However, Scispot is also HIPAA compliant, and all your patients' data are safely stored in the validated cloud. Our security and compliance controls are monitored by and have been audited and reported by Prescient Assurance. We provide a detailed auditing and compliance report to our customers.

Integration with 3rd party apps

Benchling offers minimal integration with 3rd party apps to enterprise customers. Scispot, on the other hand, offers one-click integration with hundreds of 3rd party apps (and counting!) even to our startup customers. Some of our popular integrations include AWS S3, Quickbooks, Jupyter Notebook, TypeForm, Jira, Confluence, and Quartzy. We allow our customers to integrate with any lab software or equipment, particularly when they have API documentation available. When you work with Scispot, you have a peace of mind that Scispot has got your back as you scale your business by keeping all your data in one spot.

Integrate your research data from third-parties through our modernized eln

Cost-effective when scaling up

Benchling offers a free version for academics with limited functionality. But once you want to collaborate on your experiments with others, then you would need to upgrade your account. From that moment, the cost keeps increasing rapidly up to the point that only the largest life science companies in the world could afford the product. Scispot, however, offers more affordable products even when you scale up.


Multiple team members can edit experimental notes in Scispot without having the risk of overwriting each other's work. Benchling does not offer this flexibility. With Scispot, you can easily tag team members and share your results with other research labs and external collaborators.

Connect your Data

Unlike Benchling Registries, Scispot’s Labsheets are relational databases that make your data connection problem a thing of the past. You can connect your reagents with experiments and establish parent-child relationships in your sample manager. In short, Scispot helps you tell the complete story of your research experiments by connecting your data in one spot.

Visual inventory tracking & barcode scanning

Scispot offers visual storage units (e.g., freezer, LC2) to help and track items by barcode scanning or advanced search. Benchling doesn’t have these essential inventory management capabilities.

Easily integrate your inventory and receive updates from Scispot's eln software.

Inventory automation and order management

Scispot automates your lab reagent consumption and production, helps visualize and manage your inventory or orders, and automates product reordering through Quartzy or any supplier of your choice. You will never risk being without essential reagents in the middle of your experiments.

Manage and integrate all your chemistry workflows from compound registration, tracking, disposal to reporting all in one spot.

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