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Go beyond old school ELN, LIMS and SDMS with Scispot
Scispot makes it easy to get data in and out of any instrument or application, and can push the data back to any systems including ELNs, LIMS, cloud storage, databases, and analytics platforms.
Prepare your R&D data for AI
Templatize protocols and standardize workflows
Connect 100s of instruments, apps, and databases
Extract, transform and load data to cloud or analytics app

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Integrate any Lab Instruments or Applications Quickly

Experience the ease of setting up lab integrations with Scispot, offered at an affordable price. Streamline your workflows by connecting a wide range of lab instruments—including mass spectrometers, flow cytometers, bioreactors, microscopes, PCR machines, chromatography systems, spectrophotometers, and gene sequencers—with key data platforms: ELNs and LIMS like Benchling, Dotmatics, LabWare, and STARLIMS, cloud storage options like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure Blob Storage, and databases such as Redshift, MongoDB, and Oracle SQL without hassle.

Data Transformation and Standardization

Transform and normalize lab data to ensure readiness for aggregation or analysis. Our solution supports complex transformations, such as converting raw spectral data into quantifiable compound lists and deconvoluting spectra for applications in peptide mapping and protein identification. By applying these specific transformations, we standardize data output across different platforms, ensuring consistency and accuracy in downstream analyses.

Reliable Audit Trails and Detailed Logs

Maintain comprehensive visibility with instrument logs and audit trails for all data synchronization activities. This ensures stringent compliance and traceability, meeting regulatory standards effortlessly.

Go Live with Your Integration in 3 Simple Steps

Scispot makes it super easy to add


Select Your Source

Choose from a variety of lab instruments or data systems.


Choose Your Destination

Opt for a storage solution or a data analysis platform.


Set Up Transformation Rules

Tailor the data processing to meet specific research needs.

"Scispot does a great job with our flow cytometry data. It automatically fixes and checks the data before storing it to AWS S3. This makes sure we're working with good data, which really helps our studies on the immune system.”

Dr. Mark Liu


Benefits of choosing Scispot

Scispot makes it super easy to add

One Click Integration

Choose from a variety of lab instruments or data systems.

Continuous Maintenance

Opt for a storage solution or a data analysis platform.

Compliance & Audit Ready

Tailor the data processing to meet specific research needs.

Use Cases & Real-World Applications

Here are few use cases some of our customers are using to connect data from different sources

Mass Spectrometry to AWS S3

Automate the extraction and transformation of data from high-resolution instruments like Thermo Fisher’s Q Exactive or Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers to AWS S3 buckets for secure and scalable storage. Transformations include converting raw data files into formats like .mzXML or .mzML for further processing and analysis.

Flow Cytometry to AWS S3

Automatically preprocess and check the quality of data from BD Biosciences' flow cytometers before uploading it to AWS S3. Key transformations include applying compensation matrices to correct fluorescence overlap and gating strategies to isolate relevant cell populations.

Bioreactor to Tableau

Transfer and normalize data from Sartorius Biostat bioreactors, pushing it directly to Tableau for advanced analytical insights. Transformations include adjusting pH and temperature data to standardized scales and converting operational parameters into visual analytics formats.

ELN/LIMS Data Enhancement

Integrate outputs from HPLC systems like the Mettler Toledo's EasyPlus and NMR systems from Bruker into ELNs/LIMS for enhanced usability in platforms like Microsoft Excel Power BI. Transformations include peak identification and integration for compound quantification.

LIMS and qPCR Integration

Seamlessly connect QBench or ClarioHealth with Applied Biosystems QuantStudio qPCR systems for streamlined data management. Key data handling includes Ct value calculation, amplification efficiency assessment, and generating standard curves for quantitative analysis.

Chromatography Data to Google BigQuery

Automate the extraction and transformation of data from chromatography systems directly to Google BigQuery for robust data storage and analysis. Key transformations include normalizing retention times, quantifying peak areas, and correcting baseline fluctuations to ensure consistent and actionable data across research environments

Woocommerce-Qbench to OmegaQuant Integration

Seamlessly synchronize sales data from Woocommerce with laboratory analysis results from Qbench, pushing it directly to OmegaQuant for comprehensive nutritional analysis. This integration allows for automatic updating of product nutritional content based on recent lab results, ensuring accurate and current health information is always available to consumers. Key transformations include aligning product SKUs with test results and recalibrating nutritional values to reflect the latest data.

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"Using Scispot to move our data from mass spectrometers to AWS S3 has made our work much faster. We used to spend a lot of time changing data into the right format, but now it happens quickly and automatically. This lets us focus more on our research.”

Dr. Emily Tran

Biochemical Researcher

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