Easily Adhere to GxP Regulations with Scispot's All-In-One Lab Operating System

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We ensure Traceability

We ensure Accountability

We ensure Data Integrity

Enhance Collaboration

Scispot supports experimental design in addition to collaboration, data collection, and results capture. Our project management tools enhance teamwork in R&D labs.

Manage Knowledge Sharing

Our advanced data management and analytics features facilitate internal knowledge sharing and the replication of research, while optimizing processes across discovery and development phases.

Ensure Integrity

Scispot ensures data integrity and fosters research reproducibility by providing an audit trail or version control system that enables meticulous tracking of changes and enhances transparency throughout the research process.

Tailor Data Infrastructure

Our no-code platform is completely user-friendly with an easily configurable data infrastructure that can be tailored to your R&D. Scispot acts as a secure and optimized environment for your research.

Comprehensive Features for GxP Workflows

Access Advanced
Application Controls

We offer advanced application
controls for clinical R&D,
manufacturing processes, and

Electronic Signatures
Visible Time Stamps
Audit Trails
Strict Versioning
Role-Based Access Control

Be Compliant with GxP Regulations

Experience smoother product development, accelerated approvals,  while maintaining the integrity and safety of research outcomes.

21 CFR Part II
Annex 11

Sign and Secure

Sign and ensure compliance while enhancing the document approval processes.

Safeguard Documents

Lock and unlock documents to control knowledge sharing.

Manage Requests

Improve collaboration and traceability by managing requests.