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What is GLUE?

Introducing Scispot GLUE is a Data Cloud Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution that revolutionizes data integration and lab interoperability in the biotech industry. Our platform modernizes life science data management, allowing researchers to seamlessly navigate through complex datasets, perform sophisticated analyses, and extract valuable insights.

GLUE helps your life science data management

Lab Interoperability Made Simple

Scispot GLUE revolutionizes lab interoperability by seamlessly integrating our advanced life science data management software with various laboratory systems and tools. Our platform can effortlessly transfer lab data between instruments, software applications, and databases, facilitating efficient data sharing and reducing the risk of errors or data loss during the transfer process.

Glue is the ultimate DCIM Data Cloud Infrastructure Management tool for all biotech R&D labs

With GLUE, you can

Extract your data

  • Our platform seamlessly extracts data from a wide range of sources, including Benchling, other Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and even your organization's legacy systems.
  • With GLUE, you can efficiently retrieve relevant information and unlock valuable insights.
  • Our robust system ensures a smooth and seamless experience, enabling you to focus on what really matters - advancing your research and innovation.
GLUE is perfect for performing genomic data analysis

Transform your data

Transform your life science data management process with GLUE
  • Our platform goes beyond simple data extraction by providing powerful data transformation capabilities tailored to meet the unique demands of these industries. 
  • Our system excels at flagging discrepancies, identifying and highlighting inconsistencies in your data to address potential issues specific to your industry. 
  • GLUE automatically detects and merges duplicate entries to maintain data integrity, ensuring accurate results in downstream analyses. 
  • Our smart algorithms can detect common errors and automatically fix them, maintaining clean and accurate datasets critical for biotech and pharma research. 

Achieve Outcomes

  • Our solution includes key features that facilitate ML-readiness, visualization, alerting, and automatic compliance reporting. 
  • Our pre-built visualization templates make it easy to quickly and easily visualize your data, revealing valuable insights that drive innovation.
  • GLUE generates compliance reports automatically, simplifying the process of meeting regulatory requirements.
Scispot makes drug discovery data visualization easy

GLUE connects to


Scispot GLUE serves as a powerful and versatile connector for Benchling, enabling seamless integration and data exchange between the two platforms. With GLUE, you can effortlessly extract, transform, and load your Benchling data into a centralized repository, making it easily accessible for analysis and collaboration.

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Connect and improve your Benchling lab interoperability with GLUE
Google Sheets

GLUE connects, integrates, and leverages the power of Google Sheets within your data workflows. With GLUE's intuitive interface and advanced functionalities, you can harness the collaborative capabilities of Google Sheets while ensuring data integrity and efficient data management across your projects.

Connect to Google sheets to extract your life science data

Scispot GLUE serves as an exceptional connector for CSV files, enabling seamless integration and utilization of structured data. With GLUE, you can effortlessly import and integrate CSV files, transforming them into machine-readable formats for enhanced data management and analysis.

Extract and integrate your CSV files in GLUE
Instrument Data

With Scispot GLUE, you can easily connect your instrument flat files to your Benchling experiment metadata, enabling a smooth flow of data from your instruments into your research workflows. This streamlined integration eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and enhances data integrity, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Connect your instrument data with GLUE's life science data management tools
GLUE is the ultimate tool for drug discovery data visualization

Drug Discovery Data Visualization

Data visualization plays a crucial role in understanding and interpreting complex drug discovery data. Scispot GLUE offers pre-built visualization templates tailored to the needs of drug discovery professionals.
Our intuitive visualizations enable you to navigate through large datasets effortlessly and accelerate the drug discovery process.

Genomic Data Analysis

Genomics has revolutionized life science research, generating vast volumes of sequencing data. Scispot GLUE offers advanced algorithms for variant calling, annotation, and interpretation, enabling you to identify genetic variations, detect disease-causing mutations, and gain a comprehensive understanding of genomic data.

Streamline your genomic data analysis with GLUE
NGS data analysis has never been easier

NGS Data Analysis

NGS technologies have enabled unprecedented insights into the genome, transcriptome, and epigenome. Scispot GLUE is tailored to handle the complexities of NGS data analysis. Our platform supports a wide range of sequencing data formats and provides powerful tools for read alignment, variant detection, differential gene expression analysis, and more.

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Why Choose GLUE?

Scispot GLUE goes beyond data extraction and transformation, providing ML-readiness, visualization, alerting, and automatic compliance reporting. Our solution empowers you to harness the full potential of your life science data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions, drive innovation, and accelerate your research outcomes. With GLUE, you can break free from data management challenges and embrace a new era of discovery in the life science data management. Glue is also the first trusted connector that helps you connect Benchling with modern data pipelines while generating key insights on the Scispot platform. Scispot is the world’s first scientific platform that is built with a computational persona in mind. 

Scientists are able to streamline their research via GLUE's lab interoperativity
“Scispot GLUE works on top of Benchling and our legacy systems, consistently assisting us in extracting and transforming data, effectively preparing it for visualization and machine learning applications”
Donna, Biotech CTO

With Scispot, you can

  • Design and visualize chemical structures using our chemistry visualization software, ChemBoard™
  • Visualize chemical compounds using SMILES, MOL, and Inchi
  • Easily check the chirality AND/OR centers
  • Register your molecule along with all metadata in our advanced LIMS.
  • Track your compounds and chemistry data throughout the experimental workflow in our advanced digital ELN, with systematic assay data management. Maintain a full audit trail and versioning for each compound.
  • Set up bulk registration of molecules in our advanced LIMS- Labsheets, through API, CSV, and Google Sheets.
  • Use barcode scanning for easy chemical tracking using our online lab notebook and platform
  • Create flags for any deviations
  • Real-time quality check and data validation through alerts, flags, and a detailed audit trail

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"We have built an efficient AI-powered drug discovery engine. We wanted an equally elegant solution to streamline our confirmatory experimental biological testing and feed our wet lab results back into our AI-driven drug discovery platform to improve accuracy.”
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Streamline your lab interoperability with seamless data extraction, transformation , and boost innovation in biotech R&D.

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