Redefining how cancer is diagnosed & treated in Africa through the advancement of medicine

Industry: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
No. of employees: 20

Improving cancer care through greater understanding of human genetic diversity.

Yemaachi is a cancer research company committed to diversifying cancer research and making fully accredited molecular cancer testing services accessible to all. They use immunogenomics, bioinformatics, and AI to accelerate the development of cancer detection and cure strategies. Africa is the most genetically diverse continent but it has been largely excluded from genomic and oncology research. Yemaachi is creating a dataset that has the greatest genomic diversity by collecting and sequencing samples across Africa. This can enable rapid discoveries in cancer research, drug development, and patient care, not just in Africa, but globally.


Needed a method to simplify well plates
Preparing and executing 96 well plate workflows was a tedious task that was easy to mess up.
Lacked a platform to organize data
Yemaachi’s data was scattered and needed a way to organize their spreadsheets and documents. They needed a centralized way to organize their experimental data in a system that was accessible and easy to use.
Needed a method to optimize workflows
Yemaachi faced difficulty in standardizing and reproducing protocols as this repetitive task was tedious and time consuming.
Required a digital system to manage inventory
Yemaachi needed a system where they could digitally manage the location of their samples, reagents, and consumables.
Lacked a method for collaboration
Yemaachi faced difficulty collaborating with hospitals and customers, and sharing their data in an efficient manner.


Well plate simplification
Scispot’s Manifest feature allowed Yemaachi to customize and run 96 well plate workflows in just a few clicks.
Data Optimization
Scispot's Labdrive allowed Yemaachi to securely store their data and create a digital replica of their traditional storage space in one flexible system.
Workflow Optimization
Executing and reproducing protocols has been made quick and easy by using Scispot's built-in template library to standardize protocols and automate the process.
Inventory Management
Integrating all the happenings of the lab by digitally managing the locations of inventory and samples has helped Yemaachi keep their lab organized.
Sample Management
Using Labsheets, Yemaachi is able to keep track of detailed information involving samples and reagents to monitor their life cycles, while also using other workflows like creating aliquots and pooling samples.
Collaboration with hospitals and customers was made efficient and easy by centralizing all of their data in one system.

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