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If a patient comes to a doctor with a lump or chronic lesion, one of the most common diagnostic tests is a biopsy, which is sent to a pathology lab for analysis. However, biopsy results are inconclusive for around 25% of patients. This is extremely frustrating for physicians, patients, and pathologists.

QuantumCyte is a TechBio company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the success rate of digital pathology. QuantumCyte has developed an automated microdissection solution for molecular pathology. Their artificial intelligence and machine learning platform integrates with digital pathology to extract molecular material from targeted cells, such as tumor cells. Their CytoMask technology identifies specific cells in a tissue sample. DNA, RNA, or protein can then be extracted from those target cells and used in downstream assays.

“QuantumCyte’s CytoMask technology is a scalable, cost effective, and automated system that extracts molecular material directly from clinically relevant cells so more patients can get accurate biopsy results. We are a growing digital biotech company and Scispot is helping accelerate our growth.” John Butler, Founder & CEO of QuantumCyte

The Challenge

QuantumCyte needed to standardize and automate their workflows to ensure accurate, reproducible results. They also needed to track their samples and inventory with a full audit trail.

The Solution

QuantumCyte is set up on Scispot, using our tools to digitalize and automate their workflows.

QuantumCyte uses Scispot’s Datarooms to connect and collaborate with hospital labs. They also use Scispot to track samples and inventory, standardize molecular pathology workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and maintain a full audit trail.

Scispot's inventory management is one of its top features for modern biotech laboratories
"Scispot expands our digital footprint and helps us scale faster. It consolidates our company-wide operations and enhances the quality and efficiency of our science.” John Butler, Founder & CEO, QuantumCyte
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