Customized Mass Spectrometry

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Mass spectrometry is an excellent way to quantify proteins. However, mass spectrometry instruments are expensive and researchers need considerable training to be able to produce reliable research results.

PhenoSwitch Bioscience is a contract research organization offering mass spectrometry services to biopharmaceutical companies and academic research labs. PhenoSwitch collaborates with customers to design and run experiments that quantify proteins, lipids, and metabolites. They produce high-quality data for a wide range of applications, including basic research, clinical research, and product development. By outsourcing mass spec experiments, PhenoSwitch’s customers can reduce costs and speed up their project timeline.

The Challenge

PhenoSwitch produces large data sets for hundreds of customers. They needed a solution to efficiently manage their inventory and to track customer samples with a complete audit trail. 

The Solution

PhenoSwitch chose Scispot because our tech stack is a complete, integrated, customizable lab management system. With Scispot, PhenoSwitch can automate and standardize their daily repetitive tasks. 

Scispot's inventory management is one of its top features for modern biotech laboratories

They can also streamline and automate their inventory management. Moreover, they can track all their different samples for their many projects, in several box/rack formats, with relevant audit trails.

"We chose Scispot as our digital arm because our data was scattered and siloed across multiple point solutions. Scispot connects our R&D and operational data and standardizes our processes." Hugo Gagnon, CEO, PhenoSwitch Bioscience
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