Making mass spectrometry workflows accessible and easy to use in any lab.

Industry: Biotechnology
No. of employees: 17

Elevate your research with our mass spectrometry services.

PhenoSwitch Bioscience provides solutions to research problems in health and biopharmaceuticals to improve the quality of people's lives. Their services allow the quantitative and qualitative analysis of a wide range of molecules for applications in basic research, clinical research, personalized medicine, and biopharmaceutical development. PhenoSwitch believes mass spectrometry workflows should be accessible in any lab as it is a powerful tool to accelerate, improve, and reduce the costs associated with research and development.


Difficulty tracking samples
PhenoSwitch had difficulty keeping track of all their research samples end-to-end.
Difficulty tracking inventory
PhenoSwitch needed a system where they could manage their inventory and keep track of orders.


Sample Management
Scispot’s sample manager allows PhenoSwitch to efficiently track samples, monitor volumes, and manage inventory locations.
Inventory Management
Digitally managing their inventory has helped PhenoSwitch with keeping their lab organized and their inventory updated by automating orders.

Manage and integrate all your chemistry workflows from compound registration, tracking, disposal to reporting all in one spot.

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