TechBio with Cloud-Based Bioreactor Platform

No. of employees: 90


Culture Biosciences is a TechBio company that has developed automated bioreactors and a cloud-based platform so companies can outsource their bioreactor experiments and optimize their manufacturing processes. The Culture team runs bioreactors for companies that are manufacturing food, therapeutics, and other bioproducts. Companies can design, monitor, make process adjustments, and analyze experiments, in real time, from anywhere using Culture’s Cloud Bioreactor Lab. This means that virtual and non-virtual biotechs can test cell lines and media, and scale up cell culture or fermentation, either temporarily or permanently, without investing in hardware and lab space.

The Challenge

Culture Biosciences runs a large number of different sized bioreactors to exacting standards to ensure the highest quality data for their customers. They needed a customizable lab management system to maintain their equipment, accommodate the needs of their various customers, and provide a reliable cloud-based service.

The Solution

Culture Biosciences worked with Scispot to create a fully customizable, advanced LIMS/ELN system to capture their protocols and experimental workflows, as well as to automate calculations, data analysis, and metadata analysis, all in one platform. Scispot prepared customized integration with Culture’s in-house LIMS/ELN to manage their inventory and equipment maintenance for the bioreactor processes and to create templates, including for media production and run execution. 

"Scispot is very easy to integrate into our current system. It provided us with some ready-to-use workflows for automatically recording inventory, executing media recipes, and tracking a lot of the things that we do here. This raises our quality of work to a whole new level." Satshabad Khalsa, Engineering Manager, Culture Biosciences

Scispot has provided Culture Biosciences with a one-stop digital lab solution that reduces the chance of human error and ensures a high quality service for customers.

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